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We got a frantic call today to help a little Chihuahua/Corgi mix named Bonny from a kill shelter. Her owners signed her over and never looked back because she was bleeding and in pain. They signed this eight-year-old girl over to be euthanized and discarded her like trash.

Please help us! Bonny is suffering from huge bladder stones. We got her to one of our wonderful vets, Dr. Mark Caporaso at Grady Animal Hospital in Sayville, NY, where he performed emergency surgery. As you can see by the picture this poor dog suffered from these "rocks" in her bladder. The pain was excruciating.

Bonny is still very critical. She needs a second emergency surgery because her bladder is so damaged that it is leaking into her abdominal wall. Without surgery Bonny will die. Dr. Mark also noticed that she has some neurological issues. Please help us save this precious little dog who deserves what she never had, a pain-free life. We can only continue to help dogs in need with YOUR help. Any amount is appreciated!

For more information, please contact Save-A-Pet at 631-473-6333.


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