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In areas of Tennessee, like most states, there are dogs living in some of the worst areas of crime, violence and poverty. On a daily basis, dogs are suffering the worst cruelty. No empathy, no sympathy and many do not survive the street life, fighting life and abandonment they are accustomed to.

Chance was left tied up and ultimately escaped life in Knoxville. Maggots became his new collar, as the one he was wearing was embedded so deep into his neck, his raw open wound became a breeding ground for parasites. His jaw was previously broken and his legs were scraped up as if he were dragged. If his injuries didn't kill him, the severe dehydration would have and, at just 18 pounds, Chance had little hope.

Today, Chance is at Save-A-Pet where his broken body and spirit will continue to heal. Then Chance will go up for adoption.

For dogs like Chance, you are their hope. Animals give us such unconditional love. Even though Chance was cruelly abused, he forgives a lot easier than those of us who love him. Neglect and abuse are not acceptable. We humans can only aspire to be as loving as these sentient beings we are blessed to share the world with.

We thank you for being a part of the hope and healing of Chance. It is only with your support that we continue to be a voice of the voiceless. Please consider donating towards Chance's care.


For more information, please contact Save-A-Pet at 631-473-6333.


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Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue is a non-profit 501c(3) organization
dedicated to the lives of homeless, abandoned
and abused animals in our community and beyond.

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