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Does my life matter to you?

My name is Dillon and I am from the Brooklyn Center for Animal Care and Control. On July 16, 2013 I was scheduled to be put to sleep. You see, I was hit by a car and although I am only nine-months-old, I was just one in an infinite sea of dogs, whose lives dangle by a thread in an overcrowded shelter. My injury sealed my fate.

Luckily I caught the eye of the veterinarian, Dr. Isabelle Jammes who has worked with Save-A-Pet for years. She was my attending vet at Brooklyn on the day my life changed forever. She called Dori, Founder/President of Save-A-Pet and asked that my life be spared. Dr. Jammes saw my sweet soul even through my agonizing pain. Saying no was not an option for Dori and so, the next day I was on a transport truck via The Mayor's Alliance to Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue and Adoption Center.

I needed major surgery on my leg, and now I am doing physical therapy. I get to go swimming in a pool so my leg can get strong again. Sadly, dogs like me are always waiting to be saved. It's a shelter dog's dream come true. Save-A-Pet did just that for me. But dreams like this can only happen if kind people donate toward the K911 Fund that is set up for dogs like me. This fund is crucial for saving lives.

Please help Save-A-Pet continue their mission of helping underdogs like me. Does my life matter to you? I hope so.


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