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The human heart seems to stretch at holiday time, making room for the needy, finding an extra dollar or just a little more love to give. Maybe holidays like Thanksgiving force us to look at our own lives with a grateful heart and to turn our hearts outward for those who are alone in the world, sad and invisible all the other 364 days. Today, there’s a little one-year-old dog named Flurry who deserves to fill that extra space you’ve saved just to make life brighter for one less fortunate.

Flurry has had a tough life. She is a purebred American Eskimo Dog. Her mother was rescued from a puppy mill and gave birth to a litter at Save-A-Pet. Having been the victim of deplorable, unthinkable conditions, it is a miracle that Flurry’s mom survived her breeding life at the mill. Here at Save-A-Pet, we helped her to deliver her final litter, and we promised that she and her pups would have the life they were born to have. This litter represented a new life, but Flurry, the last of the litter, was a sad reminder of the consequences of commercial overbreeding. Every pup was born with a disability and most likely would have died if left at the mill. Flurry was born with deformed front legs and is unable to bend her wrist (carpus). Because of this, at just five days old, she was placed in a foster home where she would get the care she needed. Although she missed being with her siblings, she was bottle-fed and raised with love. A miraculous new beginning…or so we thought…

Of course, anyone willing to open their heart to a special-needs dog must be special themselves, right? Although several homes have opened their doors to Flurry, they all gave up on her. After all, she’s not perfect and comforting her takes some patience. Bouncing from home to home has only added to Flurry's anxiety. Just last week, she was adopted again, only to be returned less than 24 hours later. The sadness in her eyes when she came back would tear your heart into a million pieces. How do you tell a dog like Flurry, who has so much love to give, that no one wants her? Flurry bonds very quickly to one woman—and loves cats? Surely, there is someone out there…

Her next home will be her beginning. It will be her miracle, her soul mate, “the one.” We know there is someone who can relate to Flurry’s plight, who understands heartbreak and how unfair life can be. We know someone knows what it feels like to be lonely and in need of a friend who understands… whose heart can stretch just a little bit more for a frightened dog. Flurry is GREAT with cats and small dogs. She's a BEAUTIFUL dog. She is spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, crate trained and is a great protector. If Flurry doesn't sound like the right fit for you, please share her story and picture and help be her voice. We are even hoping a sanctuary will step up for this young girl. Please help Flurry find her forever home.

How much will your heart stretch today? Please help Flurry or donate to our shelter so we can continue our mission of helping dogs like Flurry, the true underdogs of the world.

May you celebrate a heartfelt and peaceful Thanksgiving.

Yours with Grateful Paws,

Dori Scofield
Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue & Adoption Center

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Help Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue and Adoption Center shelter a dog or cat until he/she is adopted. $50.00 will spay/neuter a stray cat, $75.00 will help rescue a dog, and $100.00 will provide needed surgeries. 100% of the donations go directly to the animals and are tax-deductible. Payments are secure and you will truly make a difference in the life of a shelter animal on Long Island.

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