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He's done so much to serve a veteran...doesn't he deserve the same in return?

Our boy Six was burned, scarred by acid, and left for dead when he was rejected as a fighting dog. He then bounced around in shelters down south for over a year. Luckily, he found his way to Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue and Guardians of Rescue. Soon this awesome dog became trained to be a service companion for a veteran suffering from symptoms associated with PTSD through the Paws of War Program. Six was a star! He excelled in training and became a wonderful, loving, and happy service companion for a veteran employed in Washington, DC. The two are inseparable.

But Six's happy ending has come to a halt. Recently, Six was playing fetch with his dad and began limping. We had full X-rays done and discovered that he is suffering from a bilateral condition in his front elbows. Physical therapy did not prove much relief for Six. Surgery is the only option at this time. Six's dad was told the cost to repair just one of Six's elbows is $5,000 — money that he doesn't have. Save-A-Pet contacted Long Island Veterinary Specialists, who will perform the entire surgery on Six at a reduced price of $3,000! While so grateful, we still need your help to raise the necessary funds for his surgery. Six has done so much to help ease the pain of others. Doesn't he deserve the same in return?

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