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While leaving the parking lot of a local law office, an employee heard the faint cries of a tiny kitten. After searching the area, she discovered that the kitten must have crawled through an underground drain pipe and landed underneath a house in the foundation's crawlspace. The tiny ball of fur could not figure out how to get back out to his mom, who was watching over her little one from afar. When we arrived, we could see the kitten through a cast-iron vent that was cemented to the foundation.

Frantically mewing, the kitten stepped back while we broke through the vent. As soon as we broke it open, the timid little kitten stepped out, and right behind her was her sister! The duo is now safe at Save-A-Pet and their mom will be getting spayed so she won't have any more litters in her future to worry about! There are so many orphaned kittens like May and June that need us. Help us help them.

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Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue is a non-profit 501c(3) organization
dedicated to the lives of homeless, abandoned
and abused animals in our community and beyond.

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