Happy Endings


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Kellyanne, Setauket, NY

Ginger, who is now Maggie Mae, is a Besenji Congo Terrier, who was found with another dog in a someone's backyard. They'd abandoned them there and left during a terrible snowstorm. Both Maggie and her friend were both struggling to survive, when a neighbor heard them crying and they called Save A Pet. They were dug out of 3 feet of snow and were taken back to Save A Pet to get very well taken care of. Maggie was very skinny and boney when we first met her but we knew she was the dog for us. We took her home and after only a few days she was back up on her feet and was back into shape. She is now a very loving, playful, happy dog and sleeps with me every night. Still after a year and 3 months, we still call her family. We are so thankful for Save A Pet and are so thankful they found her!

Mary, Sound Beach

I have had Skyler for one week today and my how he has changed within one week from a kitten who hid underneath my bed at all times, to someone who rules the roost.The past few days, my computer time which I had already cut down on has been cut further — He loves the little arrow the mouse makes and looks at the screen.  Oh, and he loves taking sips of my decaf tea at night.

The other night when I was getting into my pajamas, he knew it was computer time and also treat time. He was already in my office waiting for his treats.

While he still uses underneath my bed as his safety zone, I am sure he will grow out of that.  But, he has summarily dragged his toys underneath my bed.  In fact yesterday he dragged his bed underneath it.  Wow!  A kitten on a mission.

When we got home from food shopping he had taken the roll of toilet paper from the bathroom and dragged part of it into the hallway.  I tried to teach Sampson that trick, but he never took to it.  This little boy has already mastered this trick.

Instead of sleeping with me last night, he chose to run around, waking me up several times.  I feel like a new mom with a newborn baby this morning. He loves looking out of the front window and wait to see the neighborhood cats make their appearance.  I will just have to explain to him that he can’t go outdoors. 

Cindy, Setauket, NY

I adopted my dog, Delilah, who is now Maggie, from Save-A-Pet. I just want to thank everyone there, who works tirelessly to rescue and find good homes for these animals. Maggie is the most loving and kind dog that I have ever known. She is so loved and well-trained that we take her to restaurants that allow dogs! We are in Florida for the winter. She sits on the chair while we eat & they even have a doggie menus. I am so grateful to the staff at Save-A-Pet for saving the lives of this litter! Unfortunately, their mom, Juliette, did not have the same outcome. I was told that my Maggie looks just like her mom & has the same wonderful temperment. I will never forget Juliette for taking such good care of her pups!


Thank you Juliette and Save-A-Pet for giving me the most precious gift of love!

Samantha, Mount Sinai, NY

My family and I just adopted Fatts, now Apollo, the Siberian/Shepherd today, and we have a black Lab named Bella. They instantly got along. The puppy is amazing. Has one blue eye, one brown. He's already 19 lbs at 2 months. He loves to kiss and play, he listens well, and is very good with my son, who's almost 11. I'm grateful that Save-a-Pet exists. They are a very well established shelter, helping animals all over. Animals are family members, and should be treated as such. They shouldn't be abused, killed, tortured, and be used just to make a profit. Keep up the great work, Save-a-Pet. Thank you for letting us adopt our baby boy.

Denise, Holbrook, NY

I adopted Blue when she was just a wee thing, the runt of a litter of pitbulls. She survived parvo, and the abuse from her brothers and sisters. When I saw her with the little bite marks all over her, her tiny body, and big ears. I had to have her. You named her Josie, I change it to Blue, she is the best thing in my life. Thank you <3.


Lisa, Port Jefferson, NY

14 years ago, my good friend and huge supporter of Save-A-Pet, Erica K., brought me into Save-A-Pet in Port Jefferson. I walked in and right there by the front door was a cage with the cutest puppy sitting inside. Brown and black with huge puppy paws that looked like he would trip over them if he was running. I could not resist his face, hes droopy ears and his sweet face, I needed this dog. I looked at Erica and said he must be mine. I need him! Of course, the initial response from my parents was absolutely not — so much responsibility! I said I will step up to the plate (my brother, Chaz and I both will) . I begged and pleaded and refused to take no as an answer. Hearing no at the age of 14 was just not an option, and especially if you saw this puppy! I begged for her to just come and look at him, and when she did it was immediate love. As if we had known him for years we kissed him all over his face and couldn't wait to take him home.

Two days ago, on February 11th we said goodbye to my Eddie. He lived the best 14 years any dog could. He attended every parade, every festival and was famous in Port Jefferson. He was a good friend of the Mayor's and loved his town, especially the beaches. My mom, his best friend is lost without him. He was her everything. I believe he got more kisses than my brother and I both combined! He was her companion, best friend, protector, walking buddy, and number one supporter.

The love we have for Eddie is not able to be put into words, but was shown when he passed away at home, peacefully, with a pastor saying a blessing, had candles and music playing, and 13 people in the home sharing stories and love of Ed. This dog can never be replaced and I am just so thankful to Save-A-Pet and to my friend Erica for finding us this dog. The love cannot be expressed I am just so thankful for him in our lives. He got us through everything and kept a smile on all our faces. Although this pain is awful, I know he is running around now, pain free, at the beach with plenty of toys and treats.

Thank you Eddie. We love you and always will. Stay by our sides.


Rich, Coram, NY

On January 21, 2015, I adopted Bailey. She has been nothing but a great little dog so far and quickly became my little shadow following me everywhere. She has the sweetest temperament of any dog I have owned. She has already become the official mascot of Boy Scout Troop 174. That is her wearing her official Boy Scout Neckerchief. Everyone at Save-A-Pet made the adoption process a very pleasant experience were super friendly!

Tina, Seattle, WA

Dickens, aka "Jiminy", put his paw on my arm when I was holding another cat at Save-A-Pet on February 15, 2013, and stole my heart. I went back to adopt his friend, “Cricket," the next day, but she had already been adopted. Dickens is the most remarkable cat I've ever encountered; we are completely tuned into each other. He is, as most people who meet him say, a "Buddha Cat." Dickens moved to Seattle with me and now has a puppy housemate who keeps him company and on his toes, but Dickens rules the roost and knows he will always be my Number One.

Denise, Ronkonkoma, NY

We got our cat, Oreo, 13 years ago at Save-A-Pet. We always say she picked us. She is the most loving, wonderful cat we have ever had. We are so glad she is in our life.

Keep up the good work.

Andrea, Southern Shores, NC

We adopted Jax (formerly Jake) last Tuesday and brought him home to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He has adapted extremely well to his new home, and even gave his big brother, Levi, a hug. This is the cutest, smart, playful and most lovable dog! We hit the jackpot with Jax!
Thank you!

Jax Adoption

Annie, Patchogue, NY

Who wouldn't love this face? Well we couldn't resist either. From the moment we arrived at Save-A-Pet, to the moment we left, Stanley remained in our arms. We are forever thankful to Save-A-Pet for giving us our fur baby!

Yours truly,
Allison, Annie, and Stanley.


Colleen, Seaford, NY

In August 2014, I was in Port Jefferson for a day out with the family when we walked into your rescue store and fell in love with the two most wonderful 6 year old Havanese-Mix dogs, Rocky and Lucky. These two lovable brothers have completed our family. They are truly the sweetest and most lovable dogs. They adjusted to their new family right away! Thank you for all of the wonderful work you do at Save-a-Pet.

Amy L., Lake Grove, NY

In September, I walked into Castaways and came upon the most beautiful Dachshund named Daisy. She is a senior dog who has had a rough life—she has no teeth or bottom jaw. My husband and I fell in love with her and adopted her. It has been a little over a month and she fits right in with her little sister Schatzie (also a Doxie) and her little brother Odie (a Rottweiler). They all get along beautifully, and it is as though she has been with us since a puppy! She eats well (I soften her food for her) and plays. She loves to be held and cuddled, as well as rest in her new princess bed! She is now living the life she so deserved all along! Thank you Save-A-Pet for bringing her into our lives. We love her!

Catherine, Farmingville, NY

Today we adopted our new family member, Amigo, new name, Milo. I want to thank Save-A-Pet for bringing him into our lives. Our family had a pet for 18 years, and he passed on about 3 years ago. It was a long time before I was able to bring another dog into our lives. But we went to Save-A-Pet today, they brought out Milo. He came right to me and wouldn't leave my side, so guess what, I couldn't leave his. He is home with us now and hasn't left the side of me or my husband. I know this is the beginning of a new life for him and for us. Thanks Save-A-Pet.

Kaitlyn, NY




Christina, Seattle, WA

I adopted "Jiminy", a big black cat on 2/15/13. I went back to adopt his friend, Cricket, the next day but someone else had adopted her by the time I got there. Jiminy is simply the best cat ever. He is tuned into people and other animals (he now has a little dog roommate) to the point where it's like having another human around. To the family who had to give up this exceptional cat: I'm sure it must have been heart-breaking to give up Jiminy, but I want you to know that he is healthy, happy, and surrounded by a large extended family that includes cats, dogs, children, and adults who all shower him with love and attention. Thank you for raising such a wonderful cat!



Antonietta, Elmont, NY

Well girls, here is Gunner. He loves his new home and brothers, and also his sister. But most of all, we love him to death. He is so much fun to watch. He loves to play with his new family. Gunner loves his new home. His eyes have healed very well. His coat is beautiful. We will visit soon. Thank you so much, we love Gunner and he will live a happy life.



Ronkonkoma, NY

We met Bessie (formerly known as Betty) at a pet adoption fair and fell in love with her immediately! She is such a sweet, loving, playful girl! So many people stopped to see her that day. We didn't want her to get adopted out from under us so we filled out the application on the spot! We are so grateful to Save-A-Pet for finding her! Bessie brings so much happiness to our lives and we're thrilled to have her! She is cozy with her new toys in her new home!



Pepper, NY

We adopted Pepper (aka Pepperoni) in August 2013 and it's been nonstop excitement ever since. He has more energy than he knows what to do with and keeps everyone on their toes, especially his "big sister" who sometimes will just roll her eyes at him. We've been having a great time with him! Thanks!



Carlie, NY

We LOVE him! He is so silly, fun and loveable! Thank you So much! I'll continue to send you updates and pictures of him. (:



Edgar, Coram, NY

It was a cold & dreary winter day. Someone threw me and my girlfriend away. We were dumped at a Psychiatric site and left with not a bite. We roamed through the days and nights. Freezing & starved, no hope in sight.

Then one day we ran into some luck. A man caught us & took us for a ride in a truck. We were given some food and cages to keep safe. While this was an improvement, it was still not the right place. Then one day an angel named Dori arrived. She took pity on us and gave us a ride.

We came to Save-A-Pet in a town called Port Jeff. A happy little place full of warm hearts and soft beds. We got medical care and attention galore. Then we were told of a promise, to never be alone anymore. These angels of ours would work hard & tirelessly to give us a forever home. This was more than anything we could ever wish for.

The day came when my new family & I met. Save-A-Pet made sure it was a good fit. At my new home there is a chap named Tiger. He wears a smile on his face & tells me he too came from the same magical place! I am now named Edgar after the great writer Poe. I am not much of a poet from what I am told. But what I can say for sure with all my tell "tail" heart, is I will never be unloved or not cared for. Nevermore, Nevermore! Thank you Save-A-Pet, Forevermore, Forevermore!


Lee, Ronkonkoma, NY

It's been a few months since I walked into Save-A-Pet looking for a dog for my girls. I ended up with a sweetheart named Bubbles. She is absolutely the best fit for our family. She's energetic and loves being chased in the back yard, but also loves lounging on the couch with me, keeping my feet warm! She was from Florida and LOVES laying on the bed in a big sun spot but has also become a snow bunny! Thank you all at Save-A-Pet for steering me in the right direction and for being so easy and nice to work with. I hope you guys realize what a difference you're making, not only in the animals' lives, but our families as well. Your hard work and dedication has a huge domino effect and my girls and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with this precious little angel!

Christine and Cece, NC

It has been nearly seven years since I brought this sweet boy home to my family. We had just put down our family pet of fourteen years after a battle with melanoma. I came to Save-A-Pet looking for a female Am Staff just like the one I had lost, but somehow I was convinced that Cece was meant for me. A grieving mom looking for a walking companion and a sweet boy who walked very well on a leash. It took two visits to realize that he was a perfect fit for my family. I am sending you this update to show you our happy ever after, but I also want to be a reminder that a happy dog does not have to have a fenced in yard. They need a companion. We live in North Carolina now. We are fence free, but we still enjoy our daily walks and car rides together. When he really wants to let loose, our three flights of stairs generally does the trick. I taught him to play hide and seek. He is very good at it! For those of you who remember Cece, I hope you enjoyed seeing him again. May you have continued success matching up wonderful pets with loving families!

Sincere thanks,
Christine and Cece


Tiffany, Aurora, CO

Hello Save-A-Pet. Ten years ago I made the best decision of my life and adopted a goofy lab/golden mutt from you. Cheyenne instantly won us over with her charm and beauty. Last night she lost her battle to cancer, she was 11 years old. She was surrounded by those that loved her and the outpouring of comments on facebook from those she touched in her ten years with us is overwhelming. Please keep doing what you are doing... she made our life whole <3

Carol, Holbrook, NY

We adopted a kitten from Save-A-Pet and could not be happier. "Butch" is a lovable and affectionate kitty that loves to be held by everyone including visitors. He is even great with our dog who is 13. I would definitely recommend Save-A-Pet to friends and would adopt again in the future.

Nancy and Brian, E. Setauket, NY

We have three beautiful dogs that bring so much joy to our lives. All three are rescues. Our first a pitbull we adopted from Brookhaven Animal Shelter in April 2012. She is a 3-year-old named Brandy ( Divine at the shelter). Jamie introduced her to us and Dori helped us adopt her. Next we adopted Ruby (Jenna) from a litter of pitbull mixes from Save-A-Pet in June 2012. She was 6 weeks old. She is now 80lbs. Just this November we adopted Otis ( Harry) from the litter of of pitbull mixes. Little Otis is now 35 lbs and growing. All three get along great and give us so much love and pleasure.Thank you Dori and your staff at Save-A-Pet for beautiful and loving dogs.

Kim, Nesconset, NY

We have paddy boy for 8 years now, he is a big mush and loves to sit on your lap.

Donna, Centereach, NY

We adopted Gretel now known as Miley (2) weeks ago. She is such a sweet loving kitten who has stolen all our hearts already. She is already spoiled and is loving it. She loves to play, is a good eater, loves to cuddle and purrs a lot. She follows each of us and loves to be around us. She definitely is now part of our family. She definitely was worth the wait.

Kayleigh & Rob , Medford, NY

Rob and I adopted Mack (formerly known as Yogi) on September 15, 2013. When we first saw him, we knew he picked us as he showered us with slobbery kisses and jumped right in our laps (gotta love 58 lb lap dogs, lol). He settled right in at home with us and our acre of property with all the space for running and all the toys a dog could handle. He has been the most amazing addition to our family, often giving us love or something to laugh at when needed most. He lights our world up and we feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to be his family. He is incredibly smart and very funny. A bit of a goof ball at times, but he never fails at warming our hearts, even when he is getting into things he shouldn't (most recently my bowl of mac & cheese while I was eating it on the couch, I was hysterical at that one). We love him so much and we know he loves us being that he supplies us with endless kisses and plenty of play time. He loves his walks, times at the park, belly rubs, and plenty of treats. Thank you so much to all the staff at Save-A-Pet for everything you do, we had an amazing experience and we are delighted to be Mack's forever home once and for all.

Danny, Patchogue, NY

Sweet little snaggletooth Sammy jumped into my arms and into my heart from the moment we met at Save-A-Pet. He is the greatest gift and the best little boy anyone could ask for...he thinks he is human! Although he weights less than 9-pounds, little Sammy has a giant personality and enough energy to power all the lights in New York City! I was so fortunate to find my best buddy at Save-A-Pet nearly 5 years ago. I wish everyone who reads this message will support the great work the loving professionals at Save-A-Pet provide to all those needy little pups (and cats)!

David & "Ali"

On 10/26/13 I adopted "Alice" (formerly known as Maria) from your wonderful organization. She came into my life at a very low point this year. I had just lost both of my wonderful dogs & my beloved mother (her namesake), all within a 3 month span & "Alice" brought me Instant Joy.

She is truly an angel & I feel as though I won the doggie lottery. She's my Everything & Spoiled Rotten.....but she gives me so much love in return & is SUCH A SWEET & GOOD GIRL.

I can't Thank You Enough, for bringing us together & making my Christmas a Very Happy One!


Linda, Port Jefferson Station

My little man, Spencer (formerly known as Scrappy), came into my life in January. He was an apparent storm victim who needed a home. He has been an exceptional addition to my life after I had lost my previous dog to old age at 17. He is smart and willing to please; He is a big boy chasing birds and squirrels outside, and a lapdog who loves cuddling and kisses inside. Thank you for all you do for animals like him.


Susan F.

Here is a picture of Charles, whom I adopted back in Oct from the PJ village store. He is a wonderful, sweet cat and, as you can see, has made himself right at home. He is napping on my lap. I have renamed him Biggie- as he is a bit overweight. He answers to his name, follows me around, and gets along very nicely with my dog. Thank you.


Susan, Locust Valley, NY

Today is the one year anniversary of adopting Jack, an 11 or more year old Lhasa Apso mix who had been highly traumatized by various events in his life. It took him quite a while to realize that this is his forever home and he would never be abandoned again, but he has finally adjusted well and is happy, healthy and truly beautiful. He brings joy to my life every day. God bless all of you for the work you do.

Emma, St. Petersburg, FL

Emma Jewel Grace was adopted a little over a year ago and is happier than ever! She loves her freedom, Frosty Paws, her daily walks, and her queen size bed! She gets belly rubs and gives hundreds of kisses everyday. She's a playful girl and loves all of her toys. After her previous owner died, she needed that special someone and a forever home. Emma hit the big time! After being rescued by Save-A-Pet, she has found her forever mommy. Emma is a funny, silly, loving, magnificent dog who brings joy and happiness into her owner's life every single day and I'm so thankful she picked me! Who rescued who?

Sarah, Peabody, MA

Save-A-Pet is an awesome place. I just adopted a kitten and was shocked by how clean and well taken care of the facilities were. Those animals could not be luckier to wait for their forever homes at such a great place. The staff was kind and helpful. It is clear that each person working there loves the animals and wants the best for them. It was amazing to see all of their hard work!

Kristina, Lake Grove, NY

I adopted Charlie, formerly known as Harley over a year ago after the passing of my best friend. He was the first dog I saw in which I instantly fell in love. He has brought me nothing but happiness and laughs. Thank you Save-A-Pet for bringing us together!!

Pat, Huntington, NY

We adopted BO 3 weeks ago his name is now BOOMER. He is a wonderful happy and extremely smart lab mix. He is filling a huge void left by the passing of our 6yr old dog. He has been a complete pleasure to have, he plays all day with our shi-tzu mix and they get along great. He seems to be growing at an alarming rate but that's a good thing. I wish to thank Save-A-Pet and all those involved with BOOMER joining our family. Thank you all so very much.

Kim, Holbrook, NY

I adopted Luna from you only about 10 days ago. Her name is now CiCi. We already had a 4 year old dog, Daisy, that we wanted a forever friend for. CiCi has been an AMAZING addition to our family!!! The 2 dogs absolutely adore one another. From my estimation, CiCi was probably in at least 3 different places during her short 1 year of life before we adopted her. To say the least, she was nervous when she got her. Now such a short time later, she's found her best friend in Daisy. She's learning to trust everyone in our family and loving us also. In the first few days we actually had to "catch" her while she was in the house to give her some love and attention. Today, she jumped into my lap and cam to me for love. My entire family couldn't be happier with her. She's a wonderful pet and we are so grateful to Save-A-Pet for matching us up. NEVER be afraid to take a chance on an animal. They need love and affection as if they were your children. THANK YOU FOR HELPING TO MAKE OUR FAMILY COMPLETE!!! We love CiCi and Save-A-Pet.

Susan, Lynbrook, NY

Looking to fill the void left by the loss of our 12 year old Golden, we returned to Save-A-Pet where we had gotten a coonhound mix several years earlier. When I saw Ace I just knew he'd fit right in with Frisco and Dakota. We weren't wrong. He fits in like he was always here!

Allison, Saint James, NY

I did not adopt from the shelter, but I am a foster mom for the rescue clinic and recently had a miracle happen. A small kitten named Nacho who came to me when he was 5 weeks old was very sick and had no emotion or expression and just seemed unhappy. The first day I brought him home, I bathed him well and pulled off all of his fleas. After the bath, I rubbed him down thoroughly with a towel like the mothers do with their tongues, which stimulates everything in their body. With just a few days of cuddling and good eating and playing, Nacho became the happiest and healthiest kitten I have ever seen. It was such a truly amazing turn around. He runs all over and purrs nonstop and sometimes, you can even see a smile. I still cannot get over the miracle that has happened in this short month and I will be heartbroken to bring him back. I know he will be adopted in a heartbeat and I bless the family he ends up with and pray that they treat him well. <3

Aleida, Port Jefferson, NY

My husband and I adopted Roy almost a year ago from Save-A-Pet after I saw his picture on the website and fell in love with him immediately. I knew he had to be ours! He was very shy at first but now loves to cuddle, play with his toys, and protect us from "mice." He is so much a part of our family now, I can't imagine life without him! We kept his name as Roy because it suited him well and gave him the middle name Orbison.

Rodriguez family, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

It has been a week since God put the new member of our family in our path. Jackie is a wonderful Jack Russell that Save-A-Pet helped us with. Lynne Schoepfer, the director, and all her staff are very concerned about the wellbeing of all these animals. Thanks to all and you don't even imagine how happy our family is right now.

Maureen & Shaun, Sunnyside, NY

It has been over a week that since we adopted our little Twiggy Mia and she has brought such joy to us. Our hearts are complete with this feisty, smart and completely loveable addition to our family. Thank you so much for introducing us to our little lady.

Melinda, Hicksville, NY

It has been a few weeks and wanted to let you know that Clyde has adjusted beautifully! He is so happy and so are we! Here is a picture of King Clyde in his favorite spot on top of the couch! Will bring him in to visit soon. Thank you and all our best to everyone there!

Linda, West Babylon, NY

We adopted Ozzy, a 6-7 year old mix 3 weeks ago. We can't imagine our family without him! He is the sweetest little dog. Our 11 yr old Doxie loves him. Thank you Save A Pet!

Luci Guarneiri , Farmingdale, NY

We lost our beloved Pomeranian Max in April. We were so devastated and had such a hard time dealing with his death. I began to search for a Pommie and we came across your "POE", who we have named Bo Jangles since. It has been two weeks since Bo came to live with us. He has brought more Joy than you will ever know. We love him dearly and he is just so happy to have a family and a yard. He is so spoiled already and it has only been two weeks ! Thank you Save-A-Pet for bringing us together !

Greg, Manorville, NY

I adopted Caddy, a wonderful one year old female cat. She was a little shy at first but has really gotten comfortable in her new home. Very friendly and playful. Was a pleasure dealing with Save-A-Pet and I'm glad they are doing what they do. Keep up the great work!

Sue, Middle Island, NY

Back in 2005 we wrote: Who says older isn't better? After having many dogs in the past - usually adopted as puppies or young adults - I fell in love with a SENIOR yellow lab named Truman. Truman was found as a stray and brought to a kill shelter where he was rescued and brought to Save-A-Pet.

To say he is the best dog I have ever had in my life is an understatement. When we adopted him at the age of 7, we understood that his lifespan would be shorter then starting off with a younger dog - but each day is such a joy. The kids love him and he loves them right back. He runs, plays and gives us a run for our money. We truly value the time we have had and will have with him and the feeling of knowing that his final years will be spent in a family that not only gives him love - but is filled with love that he gives to us each day.
**Sadly on Memorial Day weekend in 2011 Truman passed away the love he provided to us each day during those 6 1/2 years is unexplainable. We loved him so much and even though he was not raised by us and came to us in his Senior years I am so happy that we were able to give him a home and life that ended with love unconditional.

Donna, Port Jeff Station, NY

We couldn't love Coco and Bailey any more than we do. We were thrilled to be able to keep this brother and sister together. They are spoiled rotten. Thank you Save-A-Pet. You made us a very happy family.

Kelly & Brian, Miller Place, NY

We lost our dog, a black lab named Ebony, of 13 years in October and as a family, it was a really hard decision to make.

We recently started talking about getting another dog and a friend of ours had a friend whose dog just had puppies. We tried to meet up with the lady, but it never worked out. One night I was looking on Save-A-Pet's website and saw they had just received a litter of black lab puppies. The next day we had an appointment to meet with this lady to see her puppies and we received a phone call that she decided to not adopt the puppy. My husband called Save-A-Pet and asked about the puppies, and was told they were still there so he drove down, filled out the applications, and came home with our baby girl Shea! When my husband brought her home, my kids were crying they were so excited! She has truly been such a blessing to our family! Thank you Save-A-Pet!

Christine, Wading River, NY

I was in Port Jefferson having lunch with my friend one day and went into Castaway Cove to buy my dog a cookie. I walked in and there sleeping on the girls lap was this darling little shih tzu. They were calling her Desiree. I immediately fell in love with her. I filled out an application and called the next day to see if I could have her. I brought my other dog Daphne in to meet her and they liked each other immediately. We have had Desiree now for almost 2 years. We changed her name to Lucy, and she and Daphne are inseparable. Thank you so much for making the adoption experience painless and oh so worth it!! Lucy has added much love and joy to our life. We can't imagine her not here!

Susan, Locust Valley, NY

We adopted Jack, a beautiful, 10 year-old Lhasa Apso,from Save-A-Pet on November 25, 2012. Two previous owners had died and another owner no longer wanted a dog. Very sad life up until that point! He's deaf and doesn't see too clearly. But, he's absolutely beautiful and is so happy and healthy now. He loves being brushed, taking long walks and thoroughly enjoys his homemade diet. We love him so much and can't imagine life without him. Thanks to all of you at Save-A-Pet for your kindness and deep concern for our helpless and voiceless furbabies.

Denise, Medford, NY

On February 24, we went to Save-A-Pet Animal Shelter and fell in love with one certain cat named Ki. He is a beautiful and loving cat that is a new part of our family. Ki is adjusting well. He is a gentle giant. At first he was scared and did not want to come out of the carrier. Now he is already letting me pick him up to cuddle. He is getting along well with the children and seems to really get along with my husband as well. Once he is ready I will send photos. He's still a little camera shy ;). Thank you so much for allowing Ki to come home with us. We have already fallen in love with our Ki man.

Rachel, Centereach, NY

I want to thank everyone at Save-A-Pet. In spite of the long adoption, I love my cat. He is the best thing that happened in my life right now. I came down with Leukemia and when I come home, he puts a smile on my face! He gives me kisses every morning! Thank you Save-A-Pet!

Laura, NY

Kaylee is the center of attention in her new home.

Chewey, Kings Park, NY

Chewy is adapting to home life very well. He is a big mush that loves to be cuddled and rubbed. He is great with the kids, likes to go for walks and play in the yard.He puts up with all the clothes we put on him and loves his treats. I couldn't have asked for a better dog! I am so happy we were able to find such a nice dog and give him a loving home! Thank you Save-A-Pet for all that you do for these animals.

Gina, Lindenhurst, NY

This past August my son and I adopted our 4th cat from Save-A-Pet. Callie (formerly Maxie) is one of the sweetest, mushiest cats we've ever had. She wasn't crazy about our other cat, Snowball, at first, but they've learned to tolerate each other. :) She sleeps with me every night (sometimes even under the covers!). So glad we adopted her! Thank you again for all you do!

Sandy, Setauket, NY

When our beloved Siberian Husky passed away unexpectedly, I came to Save-A-Pet a couple months later and saw a puppy who stole my heart. It was love at first sight! Thank you Save-A-Pet, for giving us Siri (formally Shiloh). She's the love of our lives!

Tina, Sayville, NY

We were so thrilled to have gone to Save-A-Pet and be able to take home amazing little Casey. She is our first kitten and she has already received so much love and affection from my three girls. She purrs up a storm and has settled beautifully into her new home. Thank you to the staff and volunteers at Save-A-Pet!

George, Sherry, Cassie & Matthew, Mount Sinai, NY

We've always been a family that included a dog so when our 12 1/2 year old Rottie-Shepherd mix Dodge passed in the beginning of November we felt like part of our family was missing. A few weeks later we went to Save-A-Pet inquiring about adopting a puppy, but wasn't expecting to take one home that day. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by the cutest little puppy we've ever seen. We were told by the staff he was a Shar Pei/Lab mix who had just been dropped off hours earlier. At Save-A-Pet we got to hold and play with him and right away we knew he would be the perfect fit for our family. Save-A-Pet did not release him to us without reputable references, their paperwork completed and a veterinary examination. We named this puppy Mushu and it has been a wonderful relationship since! Thank you Save-A-Pet for this wonderful puppy we consider a gift as we could not see our family without Mushu included!

Jillian, Shoreham, NY

Soon after Thanksgiving my Grandmother's 15 year old cat "Mickey" passed away. My Grandma lives on her own and missed having a companion and someone to take care of. So for Christmas my brothers and I decided to give her a new friend. Save-A-Pet was the perfect place to go to as we tried to made this gift a reality. When we saw the beautiful white haired kitten with the little patch of grey on her head, we knew we had found the perfect friend. Lynn at Save-A-Pet was so incredibly helpful and understanding as we explained our hope for the holiday. I think she could see the love that our family would provide for the little kitten. The best part is we get to play with her until Christmas Day when we give her to Grandma. She is such a curious and playful kitten and sleeps right up close next to you at night. I can't wait to see the look on my Grandma's face when she meets "Minnie." Thank you Save-A-Pet!

Kristen, East Setauket, NY

We wanted to adopt a dog back in 2010. So we came to Save-A-Pet, where we met Tommy. Tommy was rescued from a puppy mill and he was used as their "stud dog". At the time he was 6 years old. He was never house trained. I was a little nervous about how he would be and my husband was extremely nervous! We took him home and Tommy was very timid and nervous, as he had a very tough first 6 years of his life. We started training him right away to go to the bathroom outside and he learned within a couple of days! He took to me right away and was comfortable; my husband a little longer. It took over a year for him to feel more comfortable with others as well as strangers. The progress that he has made is astonishing and he is the most lovable and happy dog now. We are so lucky to have adopted him!

Steve, Coram, NY

I lost Freckles, my wired-haired Jack Russell that I adopted from Save-A-Pet, on Wednesday, April 18th of 2011 due to a sudden onset of hemolytic anemia. Two days later, I became one with Monte, a smooth-haired Jack Russell. I swear he is almost human! He sounds out "I wanna go out" when shown the leash. He loves to play ball and sleeps with me. My wife is getting jealous but has gotten used to being the third wheel. She loves him too. Thank you Save-A-Pet for lifting me out from my sorrow by pairing me with such a special animal.

Jeanne and Ed Murphy, Middle Island, NY

When our "best friend" of 14 years McGarrett, a Bedlington terrier, passed on November 9, there was an unimaginable empty hole in our home. Thank you Save-A-Pet for giving us our little docker, Cleo. She loves us and her new home, and pays homage to McGarrett by using all twenty of his favorite dog toys. She loves the car and loves to visit the dog park (instead of our carpets ... most of the time). She even watches TV on numerous occasions. She sends her best to her friends at Save-A-Pet, and we express our sincere appreciation for our new family addition.

Cara, Middle Island, NY

I adopted my cat about three years ago from Save-A-Pet! Penny is the best cat a girl could have. She was found on the city streets but that's just an old memory now. Penny is a princess and she deserves nothing less than the best. As you can see in the picture attached she is in her christmas dress and ready for the holidays! Everyone at Save-A-Pet is wonderful. Hope you all have a great holiday!

The Tango Family

Spike is happy & settled in his new home! We couldn’t be happier.

Jessica - Port Jefferson Station, NY

Four years ago my husband and I came to Save-A-Pet to look for a cat (single, one, uno) to adopt - we ended up leaving with an entire litter! They have kept us giggling everyday since with their ridiculous antics.

Toni - Lake Grove, NY

We adopted Doug just about 3 weeks ago. He is the sweetest boy ever. He has filled our home with so much love and laughter. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives.

Brittny - Center Moriches, NY

About a month ago I adopted Marta who is now CoCo. She is a 4 1/2 year old Papillon and absolutely fabulous. She was rescued from a puppy mill before and had been adopted numerous times and brought back to the shelter. I am not sure to this day why, because I love her to death and she is such a sweet dog. She loves to snuggle up in her bed, or to lay in a corner just to watch all that is going on or merely taking long walks. There is nothing that gets her more excited than a treat! I seriously couldn't think of my life being any better then it is now with her. She has become my doggie daughter and I love her. A shout out to all those at Save-A-Pet that work so hard for all the animals there. CoCo (Marta) sends her love!

Kathy - Stony Brook, NY

Close to 10 years ago we adopted a sheppard mix from Save-A-Pet. Kobie (formally known as Triscut) was a magnificant dog and we loved her so. We recently lost her due to complications from Diabetes. We stopped by Save-A-Pet on a Saturday afternoon to see about donating Kobie's Insulin and syringes. We spoke with Lynn, told her how wonderful Kobie was and how hard it was to lose her. Lynn asked if we were ready for another pet and to be honest we didnt know if we were or not. We talked about this pup Sophie and decided to meet her. Well, they brought this little girl out, next thing I know I'm on the floor and Sophie is in my lap wrapping her little neck around mine. Well, yes she came home with us that very same day. She helped fill that massive hole in our hearts and has made herself home. She is adjusting nicely, has lots of love to give and receives just as much if not more back in return. She is a pleasure to have in our home! Thank you to Save-A-Pet...once again we found a fantastic pet (aka part of the family) that adds character and charm to our home. We have kept the name Sophie and given her a middle name, she is now Sophie Rae...as she is a Ray of sunshine!

The Delaney's - NY

I will never forget the day I met Cali. It was a few days before Christmas in 2010. My husband had come home, rushed by me and without even saying walked into our bedroom & shut the door. Being busy wrapping gifts I did not even think about it. He emerges 5 minutes later asking me if I wanted an early Christmas gift. As soon as I was about to say “no I will wait” he turned around and there she was in his arms!!! This little black and white furball, Cali the cat! Now the best part about it was that my husband was highly allergic to cats back then!! (now that’s true love!!!) As time went on and my hubby took lots of allergy medication he got use to her and is fine now and the craziest part is that she will go to him first over me (daddy’s little girl)! Cali and my 3 year old Yorkie, Mugsy get along like 2 peas in a pod! She is such a loving and talkative little meow and we adore her! I have always had cats growing up but none quiet like Cali, she is a very special cat and we love her with all of our hearts!!

Beverly & Jim Albert - NY

Save-A-Pet was an amazing, eye opening adventure. Walking into the front door, we were greeted with warm hearts and warm smiles from the staff. Amazing women, Lynne, Kim and Donna made our visit a pleasant and very informative one. What I loved most was they truly care about all of their pets and they really take all steps in making sure their pets go into loving homes. We were very lucky to go home with the most beautiful Cocker Spaniel that we named Billy Jack. To Everyone at Save-A-Pet...Thank you so very much for helping us complete our family.

Harold - Selden, NY

We recently adopted Barney. He is a brown and tan Cockomo. He is such a joy and we love him dearly. He has added much joy to our household. He has already established his place with our 3 cats, beagle and 1 mouse. Thanks to the staff at Save-A-Pet.

The Marine Family - South Setauket, NY

We are so happy and so in love with our puppy from Save-A-Pet Rescue. Originally abandoned along with 8 siblings, this shepherd mix named Jo Jo was cared for and put up for adoption by Save-A-Pet. They were absolutely wonderful! You can tell they care for all of their animals. They make sure that each and every animal gets adopted into the right home for each animal's individual personalities and needs. We have given Jo Jo (now known as "Our Preston") a loving , safe and happy home. Preston is adjusting well and our house is a cozy home with a dog to love and call family once again. After losing our beloved Cleo of 14 years, six months ago, we were ready to open our hearts and home to unconditional love once more. The adoption process is taken very seriously, and family lifestyles are carefully considered. We are so happy and fortunate to be have been chosen for our little pal. Save-A-Pet is clean, safe, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. We are thrilled and feel very thankful for all they have done .

Jessica, Ken & Aleks - Sayville, NY

Dodger & Yankee joined us 3 weeks ago today. They have fit into our family perfectly & they're loving the beagle sisters, Suzy & Lucy, whom have made room in their hearts & on the doggy futon for them. Their former owner, Walter, used to bring the boys to the dog park everyday and it seemed, that although they are happy with us as their forever family, they were confused about the loss of their previous life (Walter died & his family wouldn't keep them). We went to the park last week and had a great time! The boys recognized their old buddies & the owners were so welcoming and kind to us! Our boys are the culmination of all that is good in beagles. We are grateful to Save-A-Pet for taking such good care of our boys until we could find them & to Walter for guiding us to them!

Monika - Coram, NY

We adopted Kermit in February, 2012, and we are very happy to have him in our family. He is a loving dog and I know that rescue dogs know when they are adopted and they are forever grateful. I recommend that anyone who is looking to get a pet, rescue one, it is the best feeling you can have!!

Hernandez Family - Coram, NY

I remember the day I searched the web looking for a dog in a shelter. It was one year after we put down our Dalmatian who was up in age and couldn't walk much anymore. My wife didn't want any more dogs. But I looked anyway. That's when I found "Trey," a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback, three years old. I went down to see him at Save-A-Pet. I remember walking in asking to see Trey. The person at the desk said, "Are you sure you want to meet Trey due to his size?" They also said that Trey is the trainers favorite! The trainer has refused many families. When I did meet Trey, I thought to myself what a BIG DOG! But he was so handsome and a kind, smart dog. Well trained! I was impressed! The trainer was Lynne who loved Trey. She wanted the perfect home for Trey. I called my wife begging her to come down and meet Trey. She agreed and fell in love with him also, as did my daughter. Lynne came to my home a couple of times to make sure that this was the perfect home for Trey. The day Lynne came to drop off Trey was difficult for Lynne. Lynne loved Trey so much. We love Trey so much. I adore my Trey Boy! Thank you so much Lynne and Save-A-Pet.

Jessica - Mastic Beach, NY

In 2010, our family finally purchased a home of our own. We always wanted a dog (especially for my 9 year old son), but I was very nervous. We searched all over and went to many shelters. We really couldn't have a puppy because they needed time that we couldn't devote to a new puppy. We stopped at Save-A-Pet in our quest and I just wanted to go home by that point. We were told about a dog named Candy that just came in and agreed to see her. She took me by surprise at first with all her hair. But after just a couple minutes, she was playing with my husband and charming us over. She whined for the girl who brought her in and my heart said, "She just wants someone to love her." We thought about it for a day, but just had to have her. So the next day, we put in an application and anxiously waited. We got her that week and she was really scared when I drove her home. Now, she clings to me as if to say, "Mommy, you saved me." She is so playful, she listens to commands, and does tricks. What kind of person could have ever gotten rid of her? We love our Candy girl! Thank you, Save-A-Pet! She is just a happy lazy girl now!


Here's our HAPPY Carrey on Valentine's Day. She joined us from Save-A-Pet in November 2010.

Tracey - New Hempstead, NY

In December of 2010, I was in desperate need of saving a Dachshund after I had recently lost my previous one. My current dog Jasper, an English Springer Spaniel, and I were lost without our Doxie girl. I came across this precious Dachshund girl named Cindy Loo-Hoo on the Save-A-Pet site right before the holidays. Something in me knew she was meant for us.

Jasper and I headed to Port Jefferson Station from Rockland County, NY to meet this baby girl who was a year old. As soon as we met her, magic happened and we fell in love with her immediately. Apparently her previous owner didn't care much for her and I knew she needed some major TLC. The wonderful people at Save-A-Pet told me she was a "No Brainer." They meant that she had no flaws. After having her for a little over a year I can agree with them. She is PERFECT.

Jasper, Ava Lu (formerly Cindy Loo-Hoo) and I are SO happy together. She has made our family complete. Thank you, Save-A-Pet, for letting me take home, love and raise this lovely Dachshund! Sincerely, Tracey

TinkerbellTHE RAFFERTY FAMILY - Miller Place, NY

We are happy to report that Tinkerbell aka Tweety has had a wonderful week in her forever home. Our five pups have taken to her nicely and she comes to work with me every day. The clients at the day program where I work just adore her. She wags her tail and goes to each client to greet them even though she is 12 years old. This lady has so much life left to live in her new forever home. I can't get over how wonderful it is to adopt a senior dog.


Dianne - Coram, NY

First, I can not express my gratitude and kindness to all the Save-A-Pet staff, in particular, Dori, the owner. After having a horrible morning at the vet in Holbrook, thinking I was going to be putting my puppy (Cane Corso) of 16 weeks old, down...a miracle happened. The staff at the Holbook Animal Hospital were very hard, no bedside manner, and only cared about money... not the welfare and health of my puppy. After my husbands card would not go through for payment to put her down due to intercuception (a disease of the large intestine), we asked if we could leave her there so we could run to the bank down the road. They refused to keep her, even after her intestines were coming out of her rectum. The vet pushed the intestine back in and we immediately left. I was hysterical thinking of putting "Dioggie" down. With her sitting on my lap, we drove to the Brookhaven animal shelter. Out came my husband and Dori to the car where Dori saw how sick and frail Dioggie really was. She immediately stepped into action, advising us to go to Save-A-Pet, where Dr. Mark would perform the surgery for free. The vet in Holbrook wanted to charge us over $4,000, and said she'd probably die on the table. That morning Dr. Mark did the surgery. Dioggie didn't die, even with him removing a foot of her intestine that was diseased, and now we get to pick her up tomorrow! I cannot say enough about this place. Last night a volunteer came and opened up just for me at 8:30 at night just to see Dioggi... Thanks Nicole!!! Save-A-Pet, Dori, Dr. Mark and the staff have gained a friend for life! If it wasn't for their compassion and their love of saving animals, Dioggie wouldn't be here. They are all angels. I will be spreading the word to everyone and getting donations because this place needs money, supplies and volunteers to keep things going. This is a cause I am going to pursue, full force. Everyone...please donate what you can...and once again..Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Ann-marie, Tom and Ethan - Kings Park, NY

Happy Anniversary Athena! It has been almost one year to the day of your adoption! With lots of hard work and some doggie training from Mom and Dad you have become a wonderful part of our family. All of the "girls" at Save-A-Pet were right about you. All you needed was some love and understanding. We love you and we are so happy you chose us as your family!

AldoDiana & Tommy - Bellport, NY

Tommy (my fiance) surprised me with a puppy for my birthday. I was extremely happy with the suprise present, but even happier when I found out it was a rescued dog. We named the little rascal Aldo. It's been 2 years since we got him and I seriously cannot picture my life without him! Without a doubt, Aldo is just as part of my family as any other family member! And the fact that we rescued him makes him even more special for us!



Maggie Sue
Maggie Sue loves to play with her ball!

RosieTim - Lake Grove, NY

We adopted Rosie about 6 years ago a week before Thanksgiving. My son Christian found her on your website. She is the friendliest dog I have ever owned and is shown here hard at work after dinner.




Cheryl - Setauket, NY

I found Miss Molly at Save-A-Pet last winter. She was so sad, underweight, and clearly looking for love. We had recently lost our beloved 13 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Phoebe, and I didn't think I was ready for another dog, but there she was. Today, Molly is a beautiful, gentle, 83 lb, Chocolate Lab who enjoys a swim in the pool and likes nothing better than to be with her people.

Nancy & Chuck - S. Setauket, NY

Christmas came two months early for us this year when we adopted Sasha from Save-A-Pet in October. Sasha is a toy poodle who was used (and abused) as a breeder mother in a puppy mill. Her estimated age ranges from 5-8 years old. We wanted an older dog as we are seniors ourselves. Our last dog died three years ago and, as much as we missed her, we were afraid to get another one for fear it would outlive us. However, when we heard there was a poodle available for adoption, we went to see her and the rest is history. Sasha has come a long way in two months. The vacant look in her eyes is gone. She was so wary of us and untrusting of everyone and everything. She literally jumped straight up in the air at the slightest noise. She didn't know what treats are (she sure does now) or a ball or any other toy (still working on that) - things that a dog learns early in life. So sad. Now Sasha loves walks and we walk a couple of miles a day. She has many admirers here in our retirement community and she greets people now without constantly shaking. It is wonderful to see her enjoying the sights and smells of the outside world that she never before experienced. Sasha is a happy girl now and makes us laugh every day at her funny antics. She gives us so much joy and we consider this one of our best life decisions. We are so thankful to Save-A-Pet for giving Sasha the life she so deserves.

Suzanne & Pete - Suffern, NY

We adopted our loveable Weimaraner pup back in June 2011. Our family had been looking for a young Weim, as my husband had one growing up. After looking and looking we stumbled upon our pup on petfinder. We drove all the way out to Long Island from Rockland County and knew form the minute we saw him that this beautiful baby would be a great addition to our home. Five months later, we are one big happy family! Fritz (his new name, his adopted name was Munich) still has as much energy as the day that we brought him home, but we have started working with a trainer and it has been going great!! Fritz spends most of him time playing with toys, going on walks, running around in the yard, and getting in lots of play time in at a nearby park. He is such a sweet boy and can be quite the cuddle bug! Fritz is such a loving addition to our family!

Mary - Middle Island, NY

A couple of years ago, my son and I were looking for a small dog to adopt. We fell in love with Thelma the moment we met her at Save-A-Pet. She was rescued with her sister who had been named Louise....I know Louise was re-named when she was adopted, but we thought Thelma was perfect for our baby. When we met her there, she had been very sick. She and her sister had been rescued after being left to die in some apartment I believe. We couldn't take her home for almost two months after we met her. We used to come and visit her and take her for walks, which she was very skirmish about - only God knows what she went through....but I am very happy to say, she is the happiest dog there is. She has had a hard time becoming house trained, but she does listen and knows basic commands. She loves the outdoors, going for rides in the car, and playing with one of our cats. Her tail wags so much now, she can fan you if you are close enough. :) I can't imagine what our lives would be like without our Thelma girl! We love our Mommy and Thelma cuddle time. Unfortunately, she recently started having seizures.....but she is still the happiest - craziest - most loving dog ever!

Kathy & Bill - Bellport, NY

Adopted Yankee on Aug 2, 2011, and couldn't be happier. The next day we took Yankee on his first camping trip to Pa. - what a blast he had. He climbed the stairs at Bushkill Falls and walked around the campsite. Yankee is a very loving & affectionate dog - I am so glad that we have him - we couldn't ask for a better dog and now he has a home he deserves.

Here is the story of Yankee's new home in his words:
Finally, I was adopted by a loving family who love to spoil me LOL. They took me camping in Pa. and I had a great time. I travel in my room (which is really a crate) so I am secure. I just love the fresh air. I have my own bed and a blanket to lie on by the campfire. We went to Bushkill Falls, Pa. What a great time I had running around and climbing all the stairs. Friends came along with their dog, Abby, and we had a fantastic time - we are going to have playdates. My new mom & dad had a hard time keeping up with me, but I was on my leash. I loved to take walks around the campground. Had a staring contest with a deer and my dad wouldn't let me play with a skunk. Now I am home in Bellport and giving my new parents a run for it. Dad had to patch up small spots in the fence that I tried to get through. I have the run of the whole backyard which is fenced in. I sit, come and fetch my toy and bring it back now. Sometimes I don't listen and come when then call me. I still sleep in my room at night so I don't get into any trouble. I then went camping at Indian Island in Riverhead, NY. Mom & dad didn't like to keep me on a leash so they went out and bought me a playpen for the yard - now tell me I'm not spoiled LOL. I will be coming to visit one day just to see my old friends.
Love & Miss you - Yankee
PS - Thanks for letting Bill & Kathy adopt me

Jeanett and Jim Lennon - Patchogue, NY

In December of 2009, my husband and I were driving up to Save-A-Pet to drop off some dog food. While there, some people were looking at dogs to adopt and that's when I saw her, "Miley." She was a rescue dog from a puppy mill where she was a breeding mother. She was 5 years old, skin and bones, missing front teeth, smelly, and matted. I asked to hold her and from that moment, I knew she had to come home with us. We filled out the paperwork and waited to hear a decision. We called at least once a week to check on her to find out that she was anemic and had a breast tumor that had to be removed, so no decison on her was made. By the first week in January I couldn't wait to call again and found out that we had been rejected because we already had dogs. I knew she was meant to be with us, so we drove back up to Save-A-Pet with the Christmas card we sent out that year, all of our four-legged children in Christmas hats and smiling for the camera. I assured everyone that she would be a loved member of our pack and if they would please reconsider. We saved most of our dogs and each one was meant to be with us. Within a day we got the phone call, "Miley" was ours. The following week we picked her up, just after surgery and brought her home. She is now a healthy and plump (11 pounds) Shih tzu and is Momma to all of our others. Her name is now Penny, she sleeps in a king size bed, has all the food she wants, can sing and is loved and hugged so much to make up for all of the years she was treated so poorly. As a matter of fact, she was Save-A-Pet's poster dog for 2010. We love her so very much and can't remember what it was like without her!

Katiee - Holtsville, NY

Back in September of 2010, my father and I had been searching all around Long Island trying to find a lovable little dog to bring home as a present for my mother. We had almost given up hope till we came upon Save-A-Pet in Port Jeff! The women at the front desk explained to us that they had just rescued a few small dogs from a puppy mill not too long ago; however, most of them were being neutered/spayed at the time being, so I looked through the photos of available puppies and saw Georgie. I thought he looked alright so I decided to take a look at him up close. The minute they placed him in my lap, I was in love! I just couldn't walk away without adopting him! My father set up the paperwork and within a few days he was ours. Georgie is one of the sweetest and most loveable dogs I have ever had and having him around the house after our other dog had passed away really helped us cope. He is playful and just a joy to the whole family!!

Marie - Deer Park, NY

Back in September, my husband and I found ourselves unexpectedly in Port Jeff after a very short trip to a local peach farm. We wandered into Castaways, and I was looking around for a little treat to bring home to my 2 chihuahuas. As we were walking around, I noticed a young girl holding a tiny, terrified dog. I inquired with the staff who told me he had just come in from a puppy mill. He was terrified beyond belief, couldn't even make eye contact with people. My husband was content with me holding him and walking away, but the sadness in those eyes burned a hole into my heart. I knew I could not leave him without knowing his fate—but my husband wasn't interested (I'm the animal person in the family).

After a long, silent ride home, he agreed to throw fate to the wind and we submitted an adoption application. I was told there were numerous applications—it seemed everyone was interested in Charlie. By Wednesday, I was anxious to hear if a decision had been reached, but was told they were having a hard time choosing. Thursday, I received a phone call and we were chosen to adopt Charlie. Charlie would prove to be a real rescue, apparently cut off from human contact his entire life—at only 8 months old he did not know how to trust humans. Months went by of not being able to hold or interact with him, but we stayed true to Charlie (who is now known as Guinness) and hired a trainer. The trainer taught us how to give Guinness our trust and although there is still a long road ahead, he makes progress every single day. Guinness has learned to appreciate long walks, treats, and toys and I am so thankful to Save-A-Pet for giving us the opportunity to save this little guy's life. PS—His brother Uno and sister Bella love him too, and I credit them with teaching Guinness love, patience, and trust too!

Catherine - Copiague, NY

Six months ago, I lost my beloved black cat, Max, to illness. He was my best friend of 14 years. Although I have a dog and two more cats that I love, I felt a huge void in my heart. 3 months ago, I decided to adopt a cat that needed a home. Although I didn't want a kitten because I know they get adopted much more easily then bigger cats, I figured about 3 or 4 years old would be good. I looked at your website and decided on a cat. I came to Save-A-Pet and the cat that I wanted really didn't pay much attention to me and speaking to your volenteer, I found out that with my other animals he might not be a good fit because he was shy. So she asked what other cat maybe I wanted and I said I was really looking for a black male cat. She brought me to your cat habitat room where immediately a beautiful loving cat started rubbing up against me and purring. He even rubbed his head against my face when I bent down to pet him. He was older then I wanted and only had one good eye and drooled and had no teeth, but I said I'm gonna give this poor cat a good home. I heard people say how lucky this cat was to get adopted. But as it turns out, I am the luckiest person to have him and I don't understand how this beautiful cat lived there for at least 2 years and no one adopted him before me. He is the most sweetest and loving cat that I have ever met, and if I went with how he looked with his eye or how old he is (he's 10) then I would be missing out on all he has given me. I know I won't have as long with him as I would if I had adopted a younger cat, but he's so worth it. He has fit in amazingly with my other cats and dog and although I miss my Max terribly and no cat will ever replace him, something good did come out of his dealth because I wouldn't have decided to go to Save-A-Pet and look for a black male cat who would
turn out to be my new best friend. I don't understand how for at least 2 years, Midnight was not adopted and I hope people see how wonderful adopting older animals can be. I did.

Caitlin & Rich - Port Jefferson Station, NY

We adopted Anker (Bart) from Save-A-Pet about one month ago. We love taking him down to the beach where he has discovered the wildlife there! We are so delighted to have him in our newly purchased home where he can enjoy the new adventures with us. Thanks Save-A-Pet for helping us make our new house a home. We look forward to having plenty of years of unconditional love for our new boy!

SnowballGeri - Port Jefferson, NY

We adopted a Bichon from Save-A-Pet a few weeks ago. My whole family bonded instantly with the sweet little guy. We love the way he "blitzes" around the room with the ball at playtime in the evenings and snuggles up with us at night. It's hard to remember what it was like before his soft, warm, furry love kept us company.

Thank you to everyone at Save-A-Pet for helping us find this wonderful dog. I think we are the luckiest family on earth!

Danielle & Nick - Mount Sinai, NY

In November, my husband and I happened to go to Petco in Selden to purchase some early holiday gifts for our Yorkie named Casey. When we walked in, we saw the Save-A-Pet volunteer and table with a Puggle named Harley. He was so adorable!! My husband and I were talking about getting another dog... and I knew I had to adopt Harley. We filled out an application, but it seemed that everyone loved him—the odds were against us. He was one popular dog! Then I got the call on Tuesday morning to come down and bring Casey to meet Harley. They met and loved each other! I was told that he was very rough with the larger dogs, but with the 4 lb Yorkie, he just wagged his tail. I took him home that day! Harley has adjusted well to living at our house and having a sister. He loves running around in the backyard chasing his sister until he is exhausted. The thing I love most about him is that he loves to cuddle!

BellaSamantha - Massapequa, NY

My husband and I happened to be out in Port Jeff for the weekend when we stumbled into Save-A-Pet. The wonderful people there had explained to us that 25 dogs were just rescued (two days prior) from a puppy mill in Utah. There was one particular dog they thought would interest us due to our daughter being highly allergic to dogs. Little-Bo-Peep (as they had named her) was one of the rescued poodles from the puppy mill. The second they brought her out to see my husband and I, we fell in love with her! The next day we brought our kids to meet her, and it was love at first sight! As all of our friends would say, Bella (her new name) went from "rags to riches!" She quickly became not only our new dog, but truly part of our family. We are all so grateful to have her with us everyday!

Linda - Selden, NY

We adopted Shadow in May of 2009 and we could not be happier or love him more. He truly is the best cat we ever had. He is one of the family totally and wants to be where ever we are. He greets you at the door and comes to say hello to anyone who enters. Thank you, Save-A-Pet, for giving Shadow a chance at life. We are forever grateful. <3

Diane - Stony Brook, NY

There is really no way to explain the love we have in our hearts for our little Jamie girl. I just can't help watching her sleep and wondering if she knows that all of the hugs, kisses, and attention she now gets daily is forever. In June of 2010, we brought Jamie home from Save-A-Pet after they had just rescued her from a puppy mill. She was underweight, shy, afraid of everything, and in serious need of a "total beauty treatment and makeover." Today she just thrives. Occasionally, she cries out in her sleep so we just comfort her and reassure her. Thank you Dori, and all of the wonderful people at Save-A-Pet for our Jamie. She is just one more reason to look forward to coming home at days end!

MaxxGina - Lindenhurst, NY

Dolly is the 3rd cat I've adopted from Save-A-Pet. We got her in the end of June, 2010. We've since renamed her Maxx (because I heard that she was rescued from a TJ Maxx parking lot). She was feral when we first got her and it took a lot of patience to get her to trust us. She's still a little skittish with strangers (and sometimes with my son and myself) but she's definitely come around!! She's VERY mushy!!! When I get up in the morning, she's right there on the bed with me waiting to get petted. It's a wonder I'm never late for work!!! She makes it really hard to get out of bed! She gets along great with my other cat, Snowball (he's 5 1/2 years old). They play and chase each other around. She even licks his head and he lets her! I'm really glad that we took the time to build a trust with her!! She's a very special member of our furry family!!

Nancy - Selden, NY

I had a rocky beginning. Three homes in 2 years then a dog pound and then Save-A-Pet, but when Nancy saw me, it was love at first sight. Mike worked with the volunteers to let me go home with him and Nancy was surprised when she came home from work and was greeted at the door by yours truly. I came to live with them on the twins birthday 1-6-2005 and they have never had it so good (me too). There was a period of adjustment while I learned the lay of the land like not chewing socks and shoes and not climbing on tables to look out the window. There was even a time that I was imprisoned in a large crate while the humans went where ever they go, but I have gotten the hang of co-habitation and we are one happy family now. Thank you, Save-A-Pet, for making my humans the luckiest in the world for getting "ME."

The Biggs Family - Patchogue, NY

We adopted "Daisy" this past July from Save-A-Pet. She honestly is "THE BEST DOG EVER!" How someone could return her is beyond our wildest imagination!! Our greyhound Kara LOVES her and Panic our kitty keeps her in check. My family lost our beloved "Chance" in the spring...He was the heart of our family & we NEVER thought we could love another dog as much as we loved him. I saw Daisy online & knew she was the dog for us!! She has filled our home with love & laughter. Thank you for bringing Daisy to us. We are forever grateful.

MollyMolly - NY

I adopted my little miss Molly, (formally Micah) May 2010, and she has been such a joy in my life and one of the best dogs I have ever had. She is sweet and playful and sooo loving! She loves to play and fetch and cuddle on my lap like she's a lap dog! Everyday I think about how happy I am to have walked into the shelter and found her. She is my best friend and I love her more and more every day!







Pat - Stony Brook, NY

My beloved Westie, Jilly, had to be put down in September 2009 at 12 years of age and I was completely devastated. She had been such a wonderful companion, especially since the unexpected passing of my husband in 2005. Jilly and I moved back to LI in 2008 after living in Florida for many years and she had never experienced snow! After I lost my Jilly, I told myself I could never go through that again.....well, in June 2010 I visited Sav-A-Pet with my sister, thinking of maybe adopting a cat. When I saw "Fluffy" my heart melted. She had just turned 6 years old. She is a mini shih-tzu and just the cutest little thing. As I held her in my arms, she was shaking but licked my face. I filled out the application to adopt her, but was told there were others interested in her, so I left there thinking it was not meant to be. The next day, I received a call saying that I was "approved"....and I told myself, "This was definitely meant to be." I immediately drove back to get her - and have never regretted it to this day. I call her Lil Muffin. She loves people, she loves to play ball, will run after it and bring it back and is just a very happy little girl. She has brought such joy into my life and I tell her every day that we were meant for each other!!! As everyone tells me, things happen for a reason. I am happy to say she has put on a little weight, as her bones were sticking out, she was so thin when I first saw her. :( When I think about it, I cannot believe how lucky I am to have had Jilly and now Lil Muffin....both wonderful, well trained, obedient and both such a joy!!

OzzyLaura - Milford, CT

Dear Save-A-Pet,
After losing my beloved "Baby," I felt an empty hole in my heart. I visited Port Jeff two days later and I saw "Ozzy" (Grayson) at Castaways. I heard he was rescued the previous day from a high kill shelter in Islip. It appeared he had been neglected and maybe even abused. It was not by chance that happened: Baby knew I loved her dearly and I feel she sent a dog who needed my love to me...since then he has gotten so attached to me that he follows me all over the house, like Baby did. We go for daily walks on a trail and he loves riding in the car to go places...and he goes lots of places! It took him almost a week to bark, until one day the doorbell rang. I'm still not quite sure what kind of dog he is, they said Yorkie-Scottie mix. Definitely terrior and I think he may be a Cairn terrior. It really doesn't matter. His temperment is great, laid back but playful, and cuddly too. I am sad to lose Baby, but glad to have had her for the time I did and I am so very happy to have Ozzy! Thank you!!!
p.s. I know he's happy too :)





The Lowe Family - Coram, NY

When we adopted Kelly (Nikki) from Save-A-Pet in January 2010, she was very shy and timid and in need of lots of TLC. However, we found that the key to her heart was walks—and lots of them! She is now a happy, healthy girl and always greets us with joyous barks and licks when we come home. Kelly is the most intelligent dog we know, and she is always eager to please. As well as being our best friend, the family cat (no matter how much he tries to make it seem like he doesn't) has fallen under her spell. Thank you, Save-A-Pet, for a truly amazing companion!

Theresa - Holtsville, NY

In April, after searching high and low for a "companion" for my Ratt Terrier, Dude, I happened to see, on Petfinders, a little dog named Harvey, who was up for adoption at your shelter. I came to see him, and it was "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT" for me, and for him as well. I was told by your staff that he was, well, "unique, and quite a character," and I'm pleased to say that I now know exactly what they meant, in fact, he's actually funny, as he thinks he can fly!! He has aclimated so well to our home, and his new pal, Dude, it's as though he's been here forever. I found that he already knew basic commands and have added a few of my own. He is a happy go lucky little guy, who I've re-named "Frankie" as it seemed to suit him. I would send you a picture if he would just stay still long enough for me to take one, but I'll keep trying. I really do appreciate your concern for all the animals in your care, and "Frankie" hopes that they all find forever homes, just as he did.

Rebecca - Miller Place, NY

My dog, Rosey, was an Iams food tester dog. My family and I aren't positive, but we believe that Rosey is very timid and shy because of being abused at the Iams clinic. There have been a few stories about Iams which have led us to believe this. Thankfully, Save-A-Pet saved her from the clinic. We saw Rosey one day and then the next day we adopted her! It was love at first sight. Today, Rosey is still a bit timid but very comfortable around the family and extended family. She loves being around other dogs and is friendly to passerbys. I love Rosey so very much and recommend to everyone to adopt an animal! Save-A-Pet is fantastic and I wish the center all the best! :)

Jennifer - Selden, NY

It's been 3 months since we adopted Harley (Paige) from Save-A-Pet. My husband and I fell in love the minute we walked in and saw those beautiful pups. Our children just adore her. Harely loves to play ball, chase the kids around the house and yard, and chew on whatever she can get. Thank you, Save-A-Pet, for all that you do for our furry little friends!!

PeachesColleen - Bay Shore, NY

On April 1, 2010, my husband Vinnie and I adopted a little rescued Mill Dog named Peaches. Three days earlier, we had lost our beloved dog, Freckles, and decided to rescue a shelter dog. This is our 1st rescue dog and certainly won't be our last. When we brought Peaches home, she didn't know how to play and never wagged her tail. Now, she is so happy and playful that it's hard to believe that her spirit was once broken. She wags her tail all the time and she Peachesloves to give kisses. She adores our Boston Terrier, Sadie, and the two of them have become true sisters. At first, I thought we rescued her, but the truth is that she rescued us. Everyone should adopt shelter animals because the joy they bring is immeasurable. Thanks to everyone at Save-A-Pet, the Little Peach is finally home.



ColleenColleen - Sound Beach, NY

I would occasionally drop off needed items to the location and for some reason notice this beautiful young tailess cat. Everytime I stopped in, I noticed she was still available and would visit with her each time. After consulting with my senior citizen Pug, Mr. Wendall, I decided we had to have her. I cannot even explain to you how gratifying it was to bring her home. She was able to share three very short but love filled years of her life with us before succumbing to cancer. Although I was crushed to let her go, I have her photo displayed in my apartment and remember her every day. She is greatly missed.

LilyElisa - Shoreham, NY

We adopted Lily 2 1/2 years ago. She was our third dog, and we were a bit hesitant. At first, we thought we made a big mistake. She was nasty, biting and barked constently. Lily was 11 years old (estimate) and almost blind. Returning her to the shelter was not an option. She had been returned once already, and we couldn't do it to her again. If you adopt a child and that child has behavioral, physical or emotional problems you don't return the child, so Lily was ours. It took a lot of love and patience, but today Lily is a little mushpot! We lost our Walter in December and Lily has helped to fill the void. In trying to make her senoir years good ones, she has given us joy and love we never expected!!!

Monica - Yaphank, NY

After losing my maltese, I am glad I went to Save-A-Pet and adopted Truffles. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. It is the case of who rescued who. I hope to have lots of happy years with her. Thanks again!

Nicole - Miller Place, NY

O Hai! Mi name iz Alice, o yes. I am onlee about 1 year old, so I dont spell so gud. I want to tell you abowt mi storee, o yes.

I waz living at Save-A-Pet for a month. peeple just dropped me off, o yes. they said I waz a stray and they didnt want me. can you beleeve that? I dont no why they didnt want me. I am a sweet loving gurl, and always show peeple how much I like them, o yes. Well 1 day I waz sitting in mi cage, and 2 peeple came in, a ladee and a gurl, yes. I didnt no then, but that wud be mi new mama.

Ceiling cat must have been waching over me, becuz 1 minit I waz in a cage with no fambly, and the next, I was in the middul of a big fambly who lovez me!

In our fambly I have mi new mama, and 3 gurls. There iz a dog Daisy who is not to smrt like cats are, but she is very very nice to me, o yes. There are 2 gurl cats and a boy cat. Mama says he is a naughty boy, but she lovez him so much! If she can love that bad boy, then I no she will love me foreverz and everz, o yes!

I am so happee in mi new home, but I made alot of frends when I waz at save-a-pet, o yes. I hope that some nice peeple like mama will come and giv them all homez, to! Espeshially the old cats. they told me how much they miss having a fambly. They reelly need love, to!

Well, thats my storee, o yes. I have to go, I am late for mi nap. I sleep in a real bed now, and get kisses and hugs all day, o yes!

Thank you, Save-A-Pet, for taking care of me until mi new mama could come and find me!


VinceVince - NY

My name is vince and i recently adopted Irish. She is now in a happy loving home. Thank you Save-A-Pet!






BellaAllisyn & Stefano - Rocky Point, NY

We adopted our beautiful dog, Bella (Zoe, prior to adoption), on New Year's Eve 2009. She has proven to be a wonderful addition to our new year, as well as our lives. In the past 3 months, Bella has become an important member of our family. She is spoiled with 4 walks daily, yummy treats, and plenty of love and affection. She loves cuddling up on the couch with us at night. There is nothing better than coming home to her cute squeals of joy to show us just how happy she is to see us! We just can't imagine our life without her! Thank you Save-A-Pet!




Lightning, age 13 1/2, running through the Ashley Schiff Preserve at Stony Brook UniversityCindy - Stony Brook, NY

I brought our wonderful standard poodle, Lightning, home 12 1/2 years ago from Save-A-Pet to meet who would become his brother-- a beautiful standard poodle named Digory. Digory's life started in the loving home of a wonderful breeder with every advantage. Lightning, however, had been abused and rescued by Save-A-Pet. I met Lightning, age 1, in a now long-gone pet shop in Stony Brook village, owned by a woman named Elyse. After watching him with my very young kids, I brought him home to meet Digory. What a surprise for my husband! (I do NOT recommend doing this!) Luckily my sister Judy offered to co-own Lightning, and he has been a wonderful member of both of our families ever since. In my case, it was better to get forgiveness than permission-- something not think would work for everyone, so I do not recommend impulse adoptions!! But it worked for us. Our beloved Digory died in 2003, but Lightning has enjoyed 3 other doggie siblings: Hermione (a Doberman, now also deceased) and Rupert & Marley (both Havaneses). Lightning has developed cancer in his old age, but is doing really well-- he still loves his daily walk, eats well & loves playing with his puppies. We are so very grateful to have him in our lives.


MollyDerek & Marie - Levittown, NY

We adopted Molly (a.k.a. Rose before the adoption) two years ago. She is a Lab/Shepherd mix and is truly the love of our lives. We just celebrated Molly's 2nd Birthday and look forward to many more. Many thanks to Save-A-Pet.




April - Centereach, NY

I adopted Manxie over a year ago and I must say she is the most loving cat I've ever owned. Thank you, Save-A-Pet, for blessing me with such a wonderful animal.

Diane - Middle Island, NY

We adopted a miniature dachshund back in May. She is the sweetest, most gentle, and lovable little dog we have ever known. Both she and my older cat were best friends after three days. We bring her everywhere, and people just fall in love with her. We recommend Save-A-Pet in Port Jefferson to everyone we meet. The care they give their rescued animals is superior.

Rocket's First ChristmasMike and Andi - Manorville, NY

We searched hi and lo for the right adoption for 3 months and finally found "Elliot," a Brussel Griffon Mix at your Pt. Jeff. facility. The story was that he was a stray from Utah. We expected it would take a while for him to fit in with us, but we are happy to tell you he must have lived with a family for a while because he came to us well behaved, housebroken and he responds to commands like a champ. We love him! We renamed him Rocket because he runs like lightning. The picture is of Rocket's first Christmas with us. Thanks for the opportunity to bring him into our lives.





Christine - St. James, NY

Tucker (aka Smitty before he was adopted) is the best dog EVER! He was a 9 month rescue that stole all three of my kids' hearts. After our Brandi died after a great life, we wanted to wait before our 2nd dog. But they kept nagging... Each of them wanted a different type. Nobody clicked. Four dogs, no agreement. Then out came Tucker. They all melted before they even touched him! He was home before my husband even knew we got home! The "boys" are now inseparable! He worships my husband and is the best and smartest dog. :) Thank you, Save-A-Pet, and Mills Pond Elementary thanks you, too! We'll keep fundraising!

Margaret - NY

Gus and GigiI just wanted to send a picture of Gus and Gigi adopted last year. We love them dearly, they have added so much to our lives.








Traci - NY

Buddy was one of the 17 yorkies rescued from the puppy mill in Arkansas last year. He was the last one left when we got out to Save-A-Pet. It's true what they say: "Saving the best for last" because I think he is absolutely THE best! Yes....he still has a few issues, but he's very happy in his new home & very healthy, too. When he came home with us, he was still on meds from that long bout with kennel cough, but he never had any relapses & has been perfectly healthy ever since. He was groomed shortly after we adopted him, as you can see in the pix I'm sending you. And as you can see, he is a very cute little boy!

Buddy & SheebahSince we adopted him, we took in a kitten named Pretty Boy in October 2008, then another yorkie (female) who needed a home, who's name is Sheebah. I think Sheebah has been a great addition because she's helped Buddy remember what it's like to be a dog again. He really enjoys her company & she's the perfect temperment for him. The kitty started out very loving but now he just wants to rough house & neither dog really wants anything to do with that! But they all get along very well & every day they provide me & my family with many smiles!

Buddy is still very afraid of most people, including my husband. From day one, Buddy didn't like him & I still can't figure out why. My husband has been rescuing cats for years & is a very kind & giving person. After 15 months, Buddy is just starting to come around the slightest bit with my husband, but it's a very slow-going process. I'd love to find a way to help Buddy trust humans a little more, but I'm sure his memories of the 8 years he spent in the puppy mill has made it difficult for him to relax around humans. Buddy is doing pretty well around my daughters, who are 10 & 7 years old. In the beginning, he nipped at them a few times, but I think the girls have finally learned that they just can't get in his face! They're finally learning to respect Buddy's space & Buddy is becoming more tolerant of them touching/petting him, as they want to show him how much they love him.

Maureen - Bohemia, NY

In May, my 15-year-old cat died. My kids thought I needed a new kitten. They had visited Castaways and found Dexter (aka Ripple). A black and white maine coon. He was found at about 3 months old in a dump. He is the most adorable little kitten and what a personality! He made himself right at home. He is such a love and a big mush. He even stole grandma's heart away, and that isn't an easy thing to do! He is now 8 months old and huge. I couldn't ask for a better kitten. Thank you Castaway's for saving Dexter and bringing him into my life.

Debi - Setauket, NY

Recently we lost our chihuahua, Daisy, who was nearly 17 years old. The house was so quiet and I was lonely. But really, how could Daisy be replaced? On a whim, I stopped by Save-A-Pet on my way home from work. If a replacement would be a consideration then it would be a really big dog this time. I was looking at a mastiff when this little white ball of fur barked. I looked down at her and she tilted her head from side to side. "Nope," I said. "I'm getting a BIG dog." She barked again and I left with this little pomeranian who I love despite that half of her is bald from a thyroid condition. If you look at her head on, she is adorable. If you look at her from the rear, she is very interesting. If you hug her, she is happy and so am I.

Monique Molfetta - "Bailey's Mom"

Just wanted to let you know how great Bailey (formerly Goliath, the large yellow lab we adopted) is doing. He has been with us for a little less than 2 weeks and it seems like he has been here forever! He is so sweet, so loving and an absolute joy to have. He and his "brother" Tanner get along fabulously and are now the best of buddies. They are so cute together. Bailey simply wants to follow you around and just be loved, which he is getting a lot of. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him, and he has completely captured my heart. My vet thinks he is a great dog and we will be doing a follow-up check up with him next week.

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the professionalism of you and your entire staff, along with the kind and friendly way in which we were greeted and treated by everyone at Save-A-Pet. Your staff certainly puts the best interest of the animal first and treats your potential adopters with courtesy and respect. I was so impressed with your organization and I will certainly recommend Save-A-Pet highly to others.

Thank you again. Please know that Bailey is in a loving forever home and we are so grateful to have him. I wish you and Save A Pet tons of success in the future.

Robin - Shoreham, NY

We adopted our dog, Buster (formerly Zak), almost two years ago. He is by far the best dog we have owned. Not only is he smart, he is the most loving dog imaginable. We have enjoyed every minute with him. Thank you Save-A-Pet!

Rob & Tricia - Holtsville, NY

We adopted our tabby kitten, Snickers (formerly known as Splitz), almost a month ago. He has brought nothing but joy into our lives. He was almost four months old when we got him. He is SUCH a mush. He's great with our two girls...is always well behaved and is such a character! It's such a pleasure to see him enjoying his new home. Thank you Save-A-Pet!

The Milford Family - Wading River, NY

We had to put our Shar Pei, Chubbs, to sleep. We were so sad. My son kept begging us for a puppy. We had another dog that we rescued named Buddy, who was also lonely. My Aunt, Dori Scofield, told us about a litter of puppies she had just rescued and the rest is history. Diamond, the diva, entered our lives and every day is an experience. We love her and so does Buddy!

Michelle - Coram, NY

We adopted Harley, a pure-white husky with bright blue eyes, from Save-A-Pet. We already have a husky, Indy, who needed a friend, so we found Harley. He is such a sweetheart, he always sits right there next to you like a pillow. Indy and Harley play with each other like they were born together. What's funny is the cats chase Harley and Indy, but Harley always never fights back. He is a little scared at times for certain things, but he knows we are not here to hurt him. He is so gental to kids. They love him and always wait for us to come outside so they can pet him. Indy and Harley are always together.

Terry - Middle Island, NY

Five years ago, I went looking for a pup for my son. We had lost our dog, Bear, two years earlier and we all missed having a dog around. Comet was brought in with his litter mates from a shelter. He was the runt of the litter. Well things have changed - he is now 75 pounds of muscle and love. He sleeps between my husband and me in our bed, plays with our cats and bunny, and loves car rides. Our only problem is our grown kids say he receives more Christmas presents than they do!!

Robin - Wading River, NY

We adopted a beautiful 6 month old kitten today. We named him Buddy. He is the perfect addition to our family. From the second we walked into Save-A-Pet, he adopted us. My two boys were looking to adopt a kitten to celebrate my son's birthday and Buddy spotted them and put his paw through his cage to touch my son's head to get his attention. He is the perfect little boy. He loves the attention and we love giving him the attention that he needs. Thanks so much to Save-A-Pet. He is a perfect match!!

Ferron - Holbrook, NY

After my dog, Nikki, passed away at just 7 years old, I vowed never to get another dog again. I couldn't bear the loss. When my Mom insisted on adopting another puppy, I agreed to come to Save-A-Pet to see Kali (formerly Cocoa), a German Shepherd/Husky mix. She has become the love of my life and keeps this family together and always smiling. She is a miracle!!

Meg - East Hampton, NY

I have two beagles, ages 3 and 10. My younger beagle, "Apple," loves to play, but "Cricket" does not. I saw "Buddy" (aka "Country") on the Save-A-Pet website and inquired about him. Out of all the photos of beagles on several websites, he was the only one lying down and practically smiling for the photo. I packed my son in the car and headed to meet him. He was so thin and very frightened, not smiling at all. He had been the last of several beagles sent from a laboratory research company in Ohio. I laid on the floor with him and tears filled my eyes. This dog needed to come home with me. No question.

Buddy has turned out to be the gentlest dog I have EVER had the pleasure of having as a family member. My children adore him, and he and Apple have become the best of friends. Cricket? Let's just say she just worries about the food rationing!

Lynda - Miller Place, NY

We had been looking for a second dog to keep our 2-year-old great dane mix, Zeus, company for about a year. We had gone to Save-A-Pet a couple of times during the year, but did not find a match. One Sunday morning, while checking the web site, I saw a rotti puppy. It took the family ten minutes to get into the car and head on down. It was love at first sight for all of us. Two years later, Zeus and Hercules (the rotti) are inseparable.

Betsi - Shoreham, NY

We fell in love with Ozzy when he was only a few weeks old. His mother (a Boxer) was taken from an abusive home (the pups were going to be used as "bait" in dog fights) and she was at Save-A-Pet with her litter of 6. Ozzy stole our hearts right away and has made himself right at home with our other dogs and cats - he even gets to go and play with his littermates! Ozzy is now a little over 5 months old... And we think he might be mixed with Great Dane! :)

Erica - Port Jefferson, NY

When I adopted Beauty, a 4 year old Siberian Husky, from Save-A-Pet, she feared everything because of her past experience in a home. She must have been mistreated and didn't trust people at all. Well that has all changed. Beauty has turned out to be the best dog I could have hoped for. She is great with strangers, kids, infants, and has become a foster mommy to many foster kittens. Beauty is now 12 years old and slowing down, but I will forever be thankful to Save-A-Pet for giving me the best dog in the world!

Lisa - Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

A few years ago my sister, Danielle, went to a local animal shelter to look for her boyfriend's dog who went missing earlier that day. Danielle came across a white german shepherd. She was told that he was to be put to sleep the next day. He had been there a long time. Danielle contacted Save-A-Pet and they took him in. Timber went through two different homes and we were number three on the waiting list. When the first two homes didn't work out, Danielle and I begged and pleaded with our mom to go and look at Timber. We fell in love instantly and lets just say the third time's the charm! Our handsome boy is a love and we couldn't be happier to have him in our lives. I will never again buy a dog from a breeder when I can find one in need who needs a loving home.

Denise - Lk.Ronkonkoma, NY

2 years ago I adopted a cat named Flora and she is a talker. She is spoiled and happy, and she lives with 2 other cats and a dog now. During Christmas 2007, I went to Save-A-Pet again and fell in love with a black lab mix named "Peppermint Patty." She was only 30 lbs. and scared. I took her home to foster her and see if she would get along with my cats. Well, we named her "Holly" and she is all ours and a happy healthy 65lbs...may I add spoiled as she sleeps on my bed. She is learning to enjoy life and slowly getting over being scared. We go walking and camping. She is learning to play with other dogs- the cats taught her how to play. Thanks to Save-A-Pet, Holly has a great home and family.

Maureen - Selden, NY

My husband and I were afraid to open our hearts again. Our beloved akita, Bailey, had died suddenly. But after awhile, we missed having a dog around the house. We went to SAVE-A-PET to get another dog. We kept going back and one day we turned around and saw Belle. She had 3 legs. We looked at each other and knew. We wanted her!

Belle is a sweetheart. People see her and feel sorry for her but we say don't pity her - she is spoiled like you wouldn't believe. Belle has a great life. Want to know something? I don't think she knows she's missing a leg. It doesn't stop her from doing anything. She jumps onto the sofa, runs around crazy and spins like a top. She makes us laugh and laugh.

Sue - Middle Island, NY

Who says older isn't better? After having many dogs in the past - usually adopted as puppies or young adults - I fell in love with a SENIOR yellow lab named Truman. Truman was found as a stray and brought to a kill shelter where he was rescued and brought to Save-A-Pet.

To say he is the best dog I have ever had in my life is an understatement. When we adopted him 2 years ago at the age of 7, we understood that his lifespan would be shorter then starting off with a younger dog - but he is going strong at age 9 and each day is such a joy. The kids love him and he loves them right back. He runs, plays and gives us a run for our money. We truly value the time we have had and will have with him and the feeling of knowing that his final years will be spent in a family that not only gives him love - but is filled with love that he gives to us each day.

Gina - Lindenhurst, NY

We adopted 2 special needs cats (they are leukemia positive) to join the one we already have. They were brother and sister. Unfortunately, the sister (Snowflake) passed away. But we still have her brother (Snowball) and boy is he a handful! He's the feline version of "terrible two"! He's into everything and chases our other cat all over the place. He's very intelligent, too. He plays fetch with my son. He meows whenever he wants something. He will stand and meow at you until you get up and follow him where he wants you to go. He likes to drink water from the bathtub and the sink, too. I recently lost my job and he's been my little buddy following me around the house and sitting by me when I'm on the computer. He's such a sweet boy, and while I still wish we had his sister, I'm so glad we still have Snowball! He makes me laugh and smile whenever I really don't feel like it.




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