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Bambi needs a home desperately!

Bambi has been through so much in her life.  She is now approaching senior life and still has not found her person.  She was originally rescued from an abusive owner who left her in a dark basement 24 hours a day.  She was emaciated and emotionally fragile when she was first rescued. 

She soon bounced around from one home to another  always given up due to her seperation anxiety.  She, for obvious reasons, does not like to be left alone and needs a home where she can be reassured that she will not ever be abandoned and alone again. 

She is gentle, sweet, loving and loves to lazy around all day.  She asks for nothing and gives so much in return.  Why has Bambi slipped through the cracks of life and never truly been a part of a family?  We don't understand why she is overlooked time and time again.  But as the years slip by in Bambi's life, she waits and waits.  A dogs life is so short.  It would be a shame for her to live and die without the chance to experience a loving home. 

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