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Maureen - Bohemia, NY

In May, my 15-year-old cat died. My kids thought I needed a new kitten. They had visited Castaways and found Dexter (aka Ripple). A black and white maine coon. He was found at about 3 months old in a dump. He is the most adorable little kitten and what a personality! He made himself right at home. He is such a love and a big mush. He even stole grandma's heart away, and that isn't an easy thing to do! He is now 8 months old and huge. I couldn't ask for a better kitten. Thank you Castaway's for saving Dexter and bringing him into my life.

Debi - Setauket, NY

Recently we lost our chihuahua, Daisy, who was nearly 17 years old. The house was so quiet and I was lonely. But really, how could Daisy be replaced? On a whim, I stopped by Save-A-Pet on my way home from work. If a replacement would be a consideration then it would be a really big dog this time. I was looking at a mastiff when this little white ball of fur barked. I looked down at her and she tilted her head from side to side. "Nope," I said. "I'm getting a BIG dog." She barked again and I left with this little pomeranian who I love despite that half of her is bald from a thyroid condition. If you look at her head on, she is adorable. If you look at her from the rear, she is very interesting. If you hug her, she is happy and so am I.

Monique Molfetta - "Bailey's Mom"

Just wanted to let you know how great Bailey (formerly Goliath, the large yellow lab we adopted) is doing. He has been with us for a little less than 2 weeks and it seems like he has been here forever! He is so sweet, so loving and an absolute joy to have. He and his "brother" Tanner get along fabulously and are now the best of buddies. They are so cute together. Bailey simply wants to follow you around and just be loved, which he is getting a lot of. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him, and he has completely captured my heart. My vet thinks he is a great dog and we will be doing a follow-up check up with him next week.

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the professionalism of you and your entire staff, along with the kind and friendly way in which we were greeted and treated by everyone at Save-A-Pet. Your staff certainly puts the best interest of the animal first and treats your potential adopters with courtesy and respect. I was so impressed with your organization and I will certainly recommend Save-A-Pet highly to others.

Thank you again. Please know that Bailey is in a loving forever home and we are so grateful to have him. I wish you and Save A Pet tons of success in the future.

Robin - Shoreham, NY

We adopted our dog, Buster (formerly Zak), almost two years ago. He is by far the best dog we have owned. Not only is he smart, he is the most loving dog imaginable. We have enjoyed every minute with him. Thank you Save-A-Pet!

Rob & Tricia - Holtsville, NY

We adopted our tabby kitten, Snickers (formerly known as Splitz), almost a month ago. He has brought nothing but joy into our lives. He was almost four months old when we got him. He is SUCH a mush. He's great with our two girls...is always well behaved and is such a character! It's such a pleasure to see him enjoying his new home. Thank you Save-A-Pet!

The Milford Family - Wading River, NY

We had to put our Shar Pei, Chubbs, to sleep. We were so sad. My son kept begging us for a puppy. We had another dog that we rescued named Buddy, who was also lonely. My Aunt, Dori Scofield, told us about a litter of puppies she had just rescued and the rest is history. Diamond, the diva, entered our lives and every day is an experience. We love her and so does Buddy!

Michelle - Coram, NY

We adopted Harley, a pure-white husky with bright blue eyes, from Save-A-Pet. We already have a husky, Indy, who needed a friend, so we found Harley. He is such a sweetheart, he always sits right there next to you like a pillow. Indy and Harley play with each other like they were born together. What's funny is the cats chase Harley and Indy, but Harley always never fights back. He is a little scared at times for certain things, but he knows we are not here to hurt him. He is so gental to kids. They love him and always wait for us to come outside so they can pet him. Indy and Harley are always together.

Terry - Middle Island, NY

Five years ago, I went looking for a pup for my son. We had lost our dog, Bear, two years earlier and we all missed having a dog around. Comet was brought in with his litter mates from a shelter. He was the runt of the litter. Well things have changed - he is now 75 pounds of muscle and love. He sleeps between my husband and me in our bed, plays with our cats and bunny, and loves car rides. Our only problem is our grown kids say he receives more Christmas presents than they do!!

Robin - Wading River, NY

We adopted a beautiful 6 month old kitten today. We named him Buddy. He is the perfect addition to our family. From the second we walked into Save-A-Pet, he adopted us. My two boys were looking to adopt a kitten to celebrate my son's birthday and Buddy spotted them and put his paw through his cage to touch my son's head to get his attention. He is the perfect little boy. He loves the attention and we love giving him the attention that he needs. Thanks so much to Save-A-Pet. He is a perfect match!!

Ferron - Holbrook, NY

After my dog, Nikki, passed away at just 7 years old, I vowed never to get another dog again. I couldn't bear the loss. When my Mom insisted on adopting another puppy, I agreed to come to Save-A-Pet to see Kali (formerly Cocoa), a German Shepherd/Husky mix. She has become the love of my life and keeps this family together and always smiling. She is a miracle!!

Meg - East Hampton, NY

I have two beagles, ages 3 and 10. My younger beagle, "Apple," loves to play, but "Cricket" does not. I saw "Buddy" (aka "Country") on the Save-A-Pet website and inquired about him. Out of all the photos of beagles on several websites, he was the only one lying down and practically smiling for the photo. I packed my son in the car and headed to meet him. He was so thin and very frightened, not smiling at all. He had been the last of several beagles sent from a laboratory research company in Ohio. I laid on the floor with him and tears filled my eyes. This dog needed to come home with me. No question.

Buddy has turned out to be the gentlest dog I have EVER had the pleasure of having as a family member. My children adore him, and he and Apple have become the best of friends. Cricket? Let's just say she just worries about the food rationing!

Lynda - Miller Place, NY

We had been looking for a second dog to keep our 2-year-old great dane mix, Zeus, company for about a year. We had gone to Save-A-Pet a couple of times during the year, but did not find a match. One Sunday morning, while checking the web site, I saw a rotti puppy. It took the family ten minutes to get into the car and head on down. It was love at first sight for all of us. Two years later, Zeus and Hercules (the rotti) are inseparable.

Betsi - Shoreham, NY

We fell in love with Ozzy when he was only a few weeks old. His mother (a Boxer) was taken from an abusive home (the pups were going to be used as "bait" in dog fights) and she was at Save-A-Pet with her litter of 6. Ozzy stole our hearts right away and has made himself right at home with our other dogs and cats - he even gets to go and play with his littermates! Ozzy is now a little over 5 months old... And we think he might be mixed with Great Dane! :)

Erica - Port Jefferson, NY

When I adopted Beauty, a 4 year old Siberian Husky, from Save-A-Pet, she feared everything because of her past experience in a home. She must have been mistreated and didn't trust people at all. Well that has all changed. Beauty has turned out to be the best dog I could have hoped for. She is great with strangers, kids, infants, and has become a foster mommy to many foster kittens. Beauty is now 12 years old and slowing down, but I will forever be thankful to Save-A-Pet for giving me the best dog in the world!

Lisa - Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

A few years ago my sister, Danielle, went to a local animal shelter to look for her boyfriend's dog who went missing earlier that day. Danielle came across a white german shepherd. She was told that he was to be put to sleep the next day. He had been there a long time. Danielle contacted Save-A-Pet and they took him in. Timber went through two different homes and we were number three on the waiting list. When the first two homes didn't work out, Danielle and I begged and pleaded with our mom to go and look at Timber. We fell in love instantly and lets just say the third time's the charm! Our handsome boy is a love and we couldn't be happier to have him in our lives. I will never again buy a dog from a breeder when I can find one in need who needs a loving home.

Denise - Lk.Ronkonkoma, NY

2 years ago I adopted a cat named Flora and she is a talker. She is spoiled and happy, and she lives with 2 other cats and a dog now. During Christmas 2007, I went to Save-A-Pet again and fell in love with a black lab mix named "Peppermint Patty." She was only 30 lbs. and scared. I took her home to foster her and see if she would get along with my cats. Well, we named her "Holly" and she is all ours and a happy healthy 65lbs...may I add spoiled as she sleeps on my bed. She is learning to enjoy life and slowly getting over being scared. We go walking and camping. She is learning to play with other dogs- the cats taught her how to play. Thanks to Save-A-Pet, Holly has a great home and family.

Maureen - Selden, NY

My husband and I were afraid to open our hearts again. Our beloved akita, Bailey, had died suddenly. But after awhile, we missed having a dog around the house. We went to SAVE-A-PET to get another dog. We kept going back and one day we turned around and saw Belle. She had 3 legs. We looked at each other and knew. We wanted her!

Belle is a sweetheart. People see her and feel sorry for her but we say don't pity her - she is spoiled like you wouldn't believe. Belle has a great life. Want to know something? I don't think she knows she's missing a leg. It doesn't stop her from doing anything. She jumps onto the sofa, runs around crazy and spins like a top. She makes us laugh and laugh.

Sue - Middle Island, NY

Who says older isn't better? After having many dogs in the past - usually adopted as puppies or young adults - I fell in love with a SENIOR yellow lab named Truman. Truman was found as a stray and brought to a kill shelter where he was rescued and brought to Save-A-Pet.

To say he is the best dog I have ever had in my life is an understatement. When we adopted him 2 years ago at the age of 7, we understood that his lifespan would be shorter then starting off with a younger dog - but he is going strong at age 9 and each day is such a joy. The kids love him and he loves them right back. He runs, plays and gives us a run for our money. We truly value the time we have had and will have with him and the feeling of knowing that his final years will be spent in a family that not only gives him love - but is filled with love that he gives to us each day.

Gina - Lindenhurst, NY

We adopted 2 special needs cats (they are leukemia positive) to join the one we already have. They were brother and sister. Unfortunately, the sister (Snowflake) passed away. But we still have her brother (Snowball) and boy is he a handful! He's the feline version of "terrible two"! He's into everything and chases our other cat all over the place. He's very intelligent, too. He plays fetch with my son. He meows whenever he wants something. He will stand and meow at you until you get up and follow him where he wants you to go. He likes to drink water from the bathtub and the sink, too. I recently lost my job and he's been my little buddy following me around the house and sitting by me when I'm on the computer. He's such a sweet boy, and while I still wish we had his sister, I'm so glad we still have Snowball! He makes me laugh and smile whenever I really don't feel like it.

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