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George Bailey is a beautiful Yellow Labrador that will be enjoying holiday fun this year thanks to the help of Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue.

Life wasn't always wonderful for George Bailey (named after the character in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" since we don’t know his original name). He was left to starve in the backyard of the family that was supposed to love and care for him — the very family to whom this sweet companion had always been gentle and loyal. To make matters worse, George Bailey was left to starve purposely by a vengeful woman who wanted to "teach her ex-husband a lesson." She believed that not feeding the family dog for four months and leaving him on a chain would serve as payback to her former husband, who had left her.

So it was that George Bailey waited day after day, slowing dying an agonizing death until he could no longer stand up, wag his tail, or hope…

When the animal control officer answered a call at George Bailey's address, a neighbor alerted him to the skeletal dog that was chained to a tree in the yard. The officer, a strong, six-foot tall veteran of animal rescues, unlocked the chain and drove George Bailey to the emergency animal hospital. He was hardly able to look at the tragic sight. Tears streamed down his face as he was told that the dog was "too far gone to save."

George Bailey's body temperature had fallen below 90 degrees, and his body was virtually lifeless. Luckily, a guardian angel was with him that night. A dedicated vet tech named Nina contacted Save-A-Pet in desperation. Treatment would be expensive, and there would be no guarantees that Bailey would live.

On a wing and a prayer, George Bailey survived the first night as he began a series of blood transfusions. Doctors say it is a miracle that he lived. After thousands of dollars worth of round-the-clock care, George Bailey wagged his tail and everyone recognized his strong will to live.

A few weeks later, Save-A-Pet made arrangements to transport George Bailey to its adoption center. George Bailey is now a "new" dog, with life in his eyes and a strong, trusting spirit. He will soon complete the last of his treatments (he needs a special heartworm procedure) and awaits a new home, with the help of Save-A-Pet's dedicated team.

Save-A-Pet's Dori Scofield holding George Bailey.

We at Save-A-Pet believe in miracles — miracles that exist because of the compassion and generosity of others. This holiday season. George Bailey will celebrate with the Save-A-Pet family, and with your financial support, he will be able to enjoy all the blessings of…A Wonderful Life.

Bailey's owners are being prosecuted to the full extent of the law in Alchua County, Fla.






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