Save-A-Pet Urges the Public to Consider Older Dogs and Cats during "Adopt-A-Senior Pet" Month


November is "Adopt-A-Senior Pet" Month and Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue and Adoption Center, Inc. wants the community to consider adopting an "old friend with benefits!"

Pets that are seven years old or older in animal shelters are considered to be "seniors," according to most veterinarians. Many senior dogs and cats are in desperate need of a home and the public seems reluctant to rescue them due to their age.

Despite the stigma that surrounds older dogs and cats, they are extremely loyal pets to adopt. Unlike newborn puppies or kittens, older dogs and cats create bonds with owners at a faster rate, are less rambunctious, and can still be taught new boundaries and commands. Adopting an older pet may save you an immense amount of energy due to the fact that most are already wonderfully trained.

Many people think older dogs and cats are the "problem pets," which is untrue. Countless senior dogs and cats lose their homes due to a death of an owner, an owner's unknown allergy, a new baby in the home, a loss of a job or even a change in the guardian's work schedule. Most of the time, senior pets are not given away because of behavioral issues.

"We have an abundance of senior pets that need a home just as much as young adoptees," says Save-A-Pet Founder/President, Dori Scofield. "We hope potential adopters realize that taking in a senior dog or cat can be an wonderful experience. Adopting an older pet can be beneficial for those who are seeking a couch potato buddy while watching TV or to just have company around the house."

Save-A-Pet urges the public to come by the shelter to see the many companion animals that are available for adoption throughout "Adopt-A-Senior Pet" month. If you cannot adopt a pet at this time, please consider volunteering or making a donation to the shelter.


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