Save-A-Pet Urges You to Consider Adopting a Less Adoptable Pet This Week

In recognition of "Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week," Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue and Adoption Center, Inc. is urging the public to come by its Port Jefferson Station-based shelter to consider doing just that.

According to surveys, a staggering 95 percent of rescue shelters currently house pets that they would define as "hard to adopt." Twenty-seven percent of shelters claim that they have companion animals that have been waiting more than two years to find a forever home. Many pets with special needs, medical conditions, or senior pets are harder to place, through no fault of their own. Because of this, launched "Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week" in 2009. This year, it runs from September 23-29.

Save-A-Pet Founder/President Dori Scofield hopes the annual event will help bring more families in the door to consider adopting a less adoptable pet.

"It's sad to think that because a pet may have a minor medical condition, different color, size, or breed that he or she is not going to find a forever home," said Ms. Scofield. "We have some wonderful companion animals at Save-A-Pet who would make the perfect pet. We are dedicated to saving the lives of Long Island's orphaned animals and encourage people to adopt one of our long-time residents. "

Among the pets Ms. Scofield hopes people take another look at this week are dogs named Cisco, Bonita, Dolly, Lucky and Rebecca. In addition, the shelter has many cats that haven't been adopted due to age or medical conditions.

To find out more about the pets mentioned above or to make a donation for their continued care, please contact Save-A-Pet at 631.473.6333 or visit


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